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    A Sii and Adobe conference – how to reap business benefits from marketing activities

    On November 15, in Warsaw the conference „Turn marketing challenges into business opportunities”, dedicated to professional marketers, will take place. It’s main topic will be, how to benefit from marketing actions. The event is organized by Adobe and Sii Poland – an integrator of Adobe solutions in Poland.

    The participants will have the opportunity of getting familiar with the portfolio of Digital Marketing tools, included in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, as well as exchanging experiences with representatives of companies, which optimized their on-line marketing strategy with the help of Adobe solutions and accelerated the develop their business.

    The Adobe Marketing Cloud platform integrates 8 applications, supporting actions which are a part of efficient customer relationship management. It facilitates the gathering and storing of all marketing data and content and makes getting comprehensive information about the client easier. It also enables the creation of personalized campaigns and effective content management.

    In Poland, the company responsible for the implementation and popularizing of Adobe Marketing Cloud – named the leading Digital Marketing solution, by independent Gartner and Forrester rankings, are specialists from the Sii Poland Digital Practice.

    Rafał Rewiński – software development engineer at Sii, will be one of the speakers at the conference. Based on the example of an implementation carried out for a retail company, operating in several countries, he will show, how you can cut costs and improve the company’s operational efficiency, thanks to Adobe Experience Manager, in the area of content creation and management, the creation and management of the company’s image and providing top quality customer service.


    Conference Details

    Adobe Digital Marketing Breakfast in Warsaw.

    “Turn Digital Marketing challenges into business opportunities”

    Date: 15 Novemner 2016, Warsaw

    Time: 8:20 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.

    Conference program

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