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A success of Jacek Harazin from the Business Intelligence Competency Center!

The very first Polish Qlik hackathon – Qlikathon took place in Warsaw 1-3.12.2017. The participants had to create an innovative data analysis application benefiting the society.

Six teams competed for almost 20 hours to create an application based on public data. The BestJSii TEAM, with Jacek Harazin, Piotr Cylupa and Beata Pawłowska on board, beat the 5 other teams and won the competition with their SmoQ application.

Jacek’s team created a Qlik Sense based application and mashup called SmoQ – for analyzing the current and historical smog levels which are displayed in an appealing, visual manner. The application also informs the user about the smog source, components and its influence on human health and sends SMS notifications about current levels of air pollution.

Find out more about the application (click to view):


The SmoQ source code is available at GitHub:

Jacek Harazin is a Qlik platform hothead, a QlikView/Qlik Sense developer at Sii and a member of the Sii BI team. Since 2010 connected with Business Intelligence systems implementation for the Public Administration sector and for Polish and foreign companies. He organizes Qlik meetups in Katowice.


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