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    A summary of the Siinspiration Managerial Weekend. We know this year’s awardees!

    May is the time of ,,Siinspiration”– it has become a permanent element of our May calendar. It is a unique event organized once a year for all Sii Poland managers. During the meetings of the management, the company’s results are presented and knowledge is exchanged between Sii representatives from across Poland. Siinspiration is about the best practices, success stories, failures, motivational speeches… The event strengthens communication in the company and helps in the development of the managerial staff. It is also a great occasion for integration and having fun together.

    This year nearly 300 participants, for 3 days in Warszawianka Hotel, had the opportunity to share knowledge, get to know each other better, take part in inspiring sessions and integrate. it’s also a great moment for praising and rewarding our top employees and Sii undertakings. It is our pleasure to present this year’s winners:

    • Most Valuable Player – Grzegorz Brzostowski
    • Best Mission Realization – Magdalena Oshikoya
    • Best Employer Branding – Sii Gdańsk & Sii Łódź
    • Best Recruitment Team – Sii Lublin
    • Best Administration Team – Sii Warszawa
    • Best Pre-sales Consultant / Solution Architect – Szymon Bochniak
    • Best TL / SDM / PM – Marcin Kozłowski
    • Best Sales – Wojciech Drescher
    • Best Competency Center – Testing Competency Center
    • Best Business Unit – BU Telco & International – Sii Wrocław
    • Best Site – Sii Gdańsk & Sii Lublin

    Siinspiration event 2017

    We would like to congratulate all of you and wish even more success in the future!


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