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Appetite for new solutions – Sii supports apetito in creating an innovative meal ordering system

Apetito offers tailor-cut community catering concepts for among other business and industry sector, institutions like schools and hospitals. The product itself is crucial, but the way customers can order it is another important element in the entire purchasing process. Currently, Sii supports the company in creating a new meal ordering system that combines articles from external companies into one shipment.

Apetito is a leading supplier of frozen meals and catering systems for institutional catering markets and the meal market and also delivers frozen complete ready meals for the retail trade. Founded in 1958 the family-owned apetito group is by now international successful in 8 countries (Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Great Britain and USA). From the beginning it was a matter of fact for the founder family that entrepreneurial action is always connected with responsibility. The commitment to act ethically and sustainably is an integral part of its’ corporate strategy. Currently, Sii is supporting this big scale and consumer-oriented company in creating a new meal ordering system that connects articles from different companies into one order.

Digitalization in the food industry

It is easy to observe how our lifestyle and shopping habits are constantly evolving. It’s a continuous process that also influences the area of food and its consumption. We got used to ordering a meal to our homes or offices and having various options to choose anywhere we are looking for it: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie, high-protein etc.

Mathias Fenger, eBusiness Solutions Team Leader at apetito observes these changes attentively – The food industry is massively influenced by the digitalization. From the customers’ point of view, each step of the customer journey changes significantly. Therefore, our tools need to evolve to live up to the customers’ expectations. Today, ingredients, nutrients and allergens, as well as organic and economical values are of much higher importance for the customer, than before. In the future, digital tools are the key to achieve customer satisfaction regarding the selection, ordering and serving of meals. Digital assistance and guidance will improve the user experience significantly – says Fenger.

The digitalization of the ordering process provides a great benefit for both, customers and apetito. Currently, the company and Sii Poland are working on creating modular, generic software kits for specific segments of the food market. – Using modular components, we can customize the digital tools for each customer individually, by configuring the product rather than creating a separate product. In this way, we can meet the customer’s demands and keep the effort manageable – says Mathias Fenger.

A human resource cloud partner

The implementation of a new way of making orders allows customers to add articles from external companies and get them delivered in a single shipment by apetito. This kind of projects that are kind of game-changers in our clients business is always a great challenge for Sii. Such collaborations with experienced external company is a great convenience for clients are very convenient and help them to achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

– The Sii team is supporting the Client’s team in developing new ways of data handling, ensuring backwards compatibility and visual integrity with previous solutions – says Wojciech Drescher, Account Executive at Sii. Also, the website performance and loading time have been optimized.  Sii specialists support the Client’s IT team in extending a dedicated platform supporting the process of ordering meals as well as in the area of knowledge about modern front-end development process. All this helps the Client build his competitive position on the market.

What does such cooperation look like? – With today’s tools and infrastructure, it is no longer of great relevance if software is hosted on-premise or in the cloud – explains Mathias Fenger. With this concept in mind, our collaboration is just like that. Our dev teams on-premise are the core of apetito’s software development. Sii is like a human resource cloud partner, potent and dynamically adaptable to our needs. I’m still impressed by the broad spectrum of skills and expertise regarding technologies. What’s more, Sii enables apetito to dynamically increase development capacities and quickly adapt to changing conditions. Especially the scaling of the teams and the variable portfolio of available resources fit optimal into our structure – he adds.

Over 100 companies from all over the world trusted Sii which is the TOP IT and Engineering services provider in Poland. Check our case studies to get inspired or check our offer to see how we can support your business.

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