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Become a Java Developer and take advantage of the internship – the new training formula of Sii Poland helps to enter the labor market

There are a lot of programming schools and various courses on the market right now. When looking for the best option from the perspective of people who want to change industries or obtain new qualifications, it is extremely important to consider whether its program meets the real needs of employers and whether it is complete enough to allow taking the first job as a programmer. Sii Poland knows how to help novice developers enter the labor market – since May, participants of the “Become a Java Developer” course have the opportunity  to get an internship and employment in Sii.

A specialized training unit

Training Practice has been operating as a Competency Center at Sii Poland for over five years. During this time, it has already trained more than 5 000 people. It organizes, among others, “Become an IT Specialist” series, preparing people, even those without any experience in the IT industry, to start working as developers, testers, scrum masters and business analysts. It also educates Java programmers. As an organization that hires more than 1 000 Java developers, Sii Poland knows perfectly well which skills are desirable on the market and which elements of the programmer’s work are necessary to get familiar with for trainees to be ready to implement their first commercial projects. Thanks to this approach, the company not only educates but actually prepares them to start work.

A new training formula

The “Become a Java developer” training formula has evolved over the last months to finally take the form best suited to the needs of course participants and future employers. – This is a unique course, which is a response to the real needs of both a junior, entering the IT industry, and the market itself – explains Rafał Kwatek, Offering Leader at Sii Poland. – In cooperation with Piotr Dziubiński, an Oracle University accredited trainer and author of the program, we have expanded the training from 56 to 140 hours. It consists of 80 hours of online classes with the trainer and 60 hours of own work on practical exercises. This is not the only novelty. Most of all, with the course comes an offer of a two-month internship. It is an excellent opportunity to test yourself and gain experience with one of the leaders in the IT industry, which is undoubtedly Sii Poland, currently employing over 5 000 specialists – adds Rafał Kwatek.

Valuable experience

An internship is not only a way to consolidate knowledge and test skills in practice. It is also a great opportunity for people without commercial experience to increase their attractiveness on the labor market.

– As part of the internship, programmers learn best practices from real projects under the supervision of experienced experts and take their first steps in teamwork based on an agile methodology – says Piotr Jankowski, Solutions Architect at Sii Poland who is the internship supervisor.

The only requirement to continue training in the 3-month internship formula (practical part of the training) is to get a positive result of the free, internal Sii exam, and the proficiency in the English language at the B2 level.

Thanks to this change, Sii enables not just the internship, but also employment opportunity to people who will approach learning with engagement and acquire the knowledge at the course.

– When the result of the exam is positive, interns begin an 12-week internship at the Digital Competency Center at Sii Poland, our largest unit, which has projects for the world’s most famous brands in its portfolio. Engineers who work here develop modern software, create solutions in the field of RPA, cloud solutions, digital customer service and e-commerce – adds Piotr Jankowski.

Such a path, from the course, through an internship, to employment, followed Jakub Watus, Software Engineer at Sii Poland. – I remember my internship at Sii 3 years ago, when I had just started my career as a programmer, very well – says Jakub. – It allowed me to consolidate my knowledge, learn many new things and adapt to the work system of the development team. Thanks to a very friendly atmosphere, we integrated quickly and we could rely on each other in our daily work. It was a time of intensive development, during which I could always count on others’ help, advice and tips on good programming practices from Piotr, our internship supervisor, with whom I am currently working in the same project – adds Jakub

– Thanks to the fact that Sii Poland is developing incredibly quickly, year by year, and we have had a record year in terms of employment, our demand for programmers is still very high – says Dariusz Adamowski, Director of the Digital Competency Center at Sii Polska. – I hope that the graduates of the “Become a Java Developer” course who finish the internship will easily find themselves in a new environment and, after a successful recruitment interview, will join our team. We are currently working on many projects in which there is a place for everyone willing to develop further – he adds.

Do you want to learn Java programming and take advantage of an internship by taking your first steps as a Junior Java Developer? Take part in the first edition of the course with an internship opportunity which starts on May 29!

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