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“Become a UX Designer” – the first edition of the newest Sii training is behind us. How did the graduates rate it?

The first edition of the latest training in the “Become an IT Specialist” series, organized by the Sii Poland Training Practice, has ended. Participants of the intensive, 6-day “Become a UX Designer” course gained basic knowledge enabling them to start working in the IT industry. What was the training like and how did the graduates rate it?

How to become a UX Designer?

After over 150 completed training courses in the “Become an IT Specialist” series and with the experience of conducting classes for 1500 satisfied graduates, Sii has launched another course for people who see their future in the tech industry.

– “Become a UX Designer” is one of the latest courses offered by our Training Practice. It has been designed to provide students with practical and comprehensive knowledge in the User Experience area from scratch – says Rafał Kwatek, Offering Lead, and Trainer at Sii Poland. – We focus primarily on practical skills, not just theory. We want the graduates to be able to start working on commercial projects – he adds.

The author of the training program is Maciej Miłanowski, a UX Designer with over 8 years of experience, who has cooperated with such companies as Renault, BMW, Toyota, Puma, and Epic Games. Every day, he develops UX concepts and takes care of the functionality of websites and services on the basis of market trend analysis.

– When creating the “Become a UX Designer” training program, I was inspired by the latest trends in the UX world – says Maciej Miłanowski, Trainer and UX expert at Sii Poland. – I wanted the course to be as friendly as possible for new and future UX specialists. In my career, I had the opportunity to participate in a large number of projects conducted for industry leaders, which allowed me to gain valuable professional experience and knowledge which I share with my students. Thanks to this, my classes are based on real cases and include more than just theory from books or tutorials – he adds.

How did the graduates rate the course?

The participants of the training rated the content-related value of the course, training materials, exercises, and the trainer himself very high – the average score is 5.00 on a scale from 1 to 5. We also asked the graduates if the training met their expectations and if they would be able to use the obtained knowledge in practice.

What did they consider to be the greatest benefit of the training?

– Knowledge about research and systematization of the application development process – Maria Czerwonka

– Hands-on learning of Figma basics and knowledge about UX – Patryk Pociecha

– Sorting out how to create a portfolio, what to pay attention to during the design process – Marcel Jasiński

– I learned how to cooperate with a client in practice, what to explain to them, and what a client may not know about wireframes and prototypes – Marcin Jakubiak

Who can become an IT specialist?

At Sii Poland, we have been proving for several years that the knowledge necessary to start a career in IT can be acquired by anyone, regardless of their current experience or education.

– We conduct reskilling training in various IT areas, such as manual testing, automated testing, Front-end and Back-end programming, business analysis, Scrum, and UX. Our training can be used by both beginners who do not have experience or education in the IT area, as well as people who already work in the profession and want to consolidate their knowledge or broaden their competencies in order to be able to find their way on the job market better – says Rafał Kwatek.

Sii Poland makes it easier for the graduates of the “Become an IT Specialist” training courses to find employment by including them in its own recruitment processes and offering internships to them.

– Our experience from the previous editions of the training shows that the participants find their place on the market very quickly and have a real chance of finding a good job. Moreover, many of our graduates took advantage of the internship opportunities at Sii and joined our team to work for the largest global brands – says Rafał Kwatek.

Learn more about the “Become a UX Developer” training course and about the “Become an IT Specialist” series.

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