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Benefits system as an area for the implementation of Sii Poland’s mission – how the company takes a holistic approach to the development and well-being of the Worker

A word “benefit” derives from a combination of Latin words bene (good) and facere (to do). A strategic approach to benefits assumes that the Worker is a whole individual person and that health and well-being require balance in many aspects of life. Therefore, we should approach Workers holistically, encouraging their work-life balance, supporting their physical and emotional health, and building social relationships. Why is this beneficial to Sii Poland as an organization? 

Sii as a people-based service company 

People are essential at Sii Poland: they are the goal of Sii’s mission (that is to identify and promote best workers), and their satisfaction and well-being are two of the company’s five business goals. No wonder then, that benefits are strategic at Sii, as they directly serve the mission. By taking care of Workers and their well-being, the company contributes to increased satisfaction and, indirectly, to better efficiency and commitment to assigned duties. What’s more, the holistic approach to benefits and unique non-wage benefits increases the company’s attractiveness among candidates and contributes to a better evaluation of the workplace by Workers. 

Sii Poland proudly takes care of their Workers. Each of them is equally important and has different needs, therefore when introducing and managing benefits, we try to put Workers at the center of them, so that they feel comprehensively taken care of. 

Physical health as the foundation of a holistic approach to benefits 

Taking care of your body by eating healthy food and exercising regularly improves your health and increases your immunity. Every Worker, regardless of employment form, is provided medical care by Sii Poland. As health is not only about doctor’s visits and annual check-ups but also about constant internal development, Sii also invites you to the Passion Sponsorship Program, in which you can develop yourself and overcome greater challenges through increased physical activity.

If this benefit does not convince you, remember, that you can also enjoy a standard sports card at Sii. The company always strives to be the best on the market, so in order to meet the Workers’ requests, we have introduced a second provider of sports services. Each Worker can decide which offer interests them more and choose the most favorable one for themselves. 

Mental health – just as important as physical health 

How does Sii Poland support this area? First of all, it offers access to psychologists within the framework of medical subscriptions. During the year, each Worker can attend three free visits to mental health specialists. However, mental health is not only about therapy and meetings with specialists. It is also about the possibility to work remotely, having access to trainings and courses, or the ability to get involved and help others through Sii Power Volunteers Program.

At Sii Poland, you can count on comprehensive support at every stage of employment. Buddy Program, Mentoring, or a dedicated mentor from HR Operations are just a few benefits. A number of people are waiting for you and are ready to help – no matter if you have a problem with your laptop or how to report your work time – one thing is certain, you will not be left without help. At Sii, you will also find applications and technological solutions, thanks to which everyday work becomes easier and is a pleasure. 

At Sii Poland, people matter first and foremost, which is why benefits are managed strategically and every Worker is taken care of holistically. Sii is a workplace where Power People count!

Do you care about your well-being and many opportunities for development in the workplace? Check out the offers and join the Sii Poland team!

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