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Passion for helping. Discover Sii Power Volunteers 2023 projects

Sii donates PLN 1 000 000 to volunteering and the Workers’ passions every year. From charity concerts with an orchestra to handmade renovations and helping children – discover employee 2023 projects.  

The Sii Power Volunteers program has been running since 2016. Sii grants fund it and enable Power People to implement social action ideas. This approach allows volunteers to carry out projects in line with their values and interests based on the needs of local communities. In this way, Sii not only ensures the effectiveness and relevance of volunteer actions but also satisfies two of the company’s strategic goals: Workers’ satisfaction and fun. 

Last year, Workers engaged in over 40 social initiatives to provide humanitarian aid, support for children and adults, including those with disabilities or at risk of technological exclusion, and activities for animals. 

To help the youngest  

Charity actions twice had an artistic character. In June, 20 Power People participated in a concert hosted by the Iskierka Foundation, which supports children with cancer. The Sii IT Choir and the Children’s Oncology Orchestra performed with pop stars and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Adam Sztaba. 

— Performing on stage with kids and a professional orchestra was a new, exciting experience and great fun for our team. I am most pleased that our involvement will help children, as all proceeds from the concert were donated to the Iskierka Foundation — says Krzysztof Danilewicz, Sii Katowice Director, project leader.    

The second music project that Sii donated was a joint venture between the Hearty Foundation and UBS. The Foundation staged a musical, and all the funds from ticket sales went to educational projects, mentoring, scholarships, technology support, internships, and first jobs for its beneficiaries.  

A brand new idea in the last year was to support children and young people with Down syndrome and their caregivers. The BoxSocks project involved arranging sports and therapeutic activities with the help of Sii and Brzostek Top Team. Sports develop both the body and character traits like perseverance, emotional control, and responsibility. Therefore, the program included training sessions with elements of boxing and T-shirt logging workshops to inspire team spirit among the participants and volunteers. How do Workers recall the joint activities?  

— What pleased me most was the positive impact on the lives of others and contributing to a better world — says Ewelina Walkusz, Software Engineer, project leader.  

Sii’s help also reached children’s homes in Krasnystaw and Rybczewice. Power People tutored the kids, and the company paid for their language courses. In Rybczewice, volunteers renovated the kitchen, dining room, and common room, a place for the children’s daily relaxation. Workers with artistic skills designed and made beautiful drawings on the walls.   

— It brings me great satisfaction that my employer sees the needs of others. I am pleased that we helped develop the skills of kids in orphanages and supported their start in adult life — says Szymon Wąchocki, Consultant, project leader.    

In Gdańsk, Sii has lent a hand to facilitate the daily work of the Hospice House Bursztynowa Przystań. Volunteers assisted in arranging and installing TVs purchased by Sii in multiple rooms for the hospice’s patients. Power People also donated laptops, desktop computers, and monitors.  

— Sometimes I feel that I would like to ‘save the world’ so that no one lacks basic things for a dignified life — says Dawid Kiliński, Delivery Manager, project leader. — I’m glad that thanks to the generosity of the company I work for, I can improve someone’s life — he adds.  

The end of the year was marked by Christmas campaigns involving almost 900 Power People across the country. The most popular and committed was the action “Letters to Santa Claus,” which delivered Christmas gifts to over 800 recipients from 24 children’s homes, care facilities, and hospitals. Sii’s support was also available to senior citizens and families in need. See how a group of brave Santas and elves worked at Sii’s office in Łódź.   

As part of the Christmas preparations, volunteers renovated a care facility in Łódź and organized cooking workshops for its residents.    

Supporting the autonomy of people with disabilities  

Sii Workers are also eager to help adults from groups at risk of exclusion. In Poznań, 6 Power People supported people with intellectual disabilities in achieving independence and a sense of agency. The group provided household appliances and renovated 2 rooms of the Tak dla Samodzielności Foundation’s training apartment, where its charges practice independence and resourcefulness.  

— While working, we formed relationships with the Foundation and its beneficiaries through conversation, mutual aid, and kind words. We wanted to get to know their perspective and needs — explains Michal Bożek, Test and Analysis Engineer, project leader.   

Humanitarian aid in Ukraine  

In 2023, Sii Poland donated PLN 50 000 to the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital Foundation to refurbish 10 ambulances crucial for rapid intervention and evacuation of the wounded in war-affected regions. Sii’s Ukrainian branch volunteers helped disinfect and equip the renovated vehicles with medical gear. In addition, Sii Ukraine Workers participated in online lectures about the volunteer movement and training in initial medical assistance, with a focus on tactical medicine, conducted at the Foundation’s base. 

— What I found most valuable was the opportunity to take action that directly, tangibly helps those affected by the conflict and even saves their lives — says Mariia Vikhasta, Sales and Delivery Operations Specialist, project leader.   

About health from the ground up – supporting prevention  

October and November 2023 were dedicated to raising awareness about cancer prevention. Sii’s offices hosted events such as the Pink Breakfast and Movember Breakfast, an opportunity to learn health tips. In addition, Workers held a collection of books, which were donated to the Rak’n’Roll Foundation’s Library program. About 2 000 books filled the shelves of hospital bookcases at 2 cancer hospitals. The project concluded with a meeting with an expert from the Rak’n’Roll Foundation, who shared best practices for health and preventing cancer. 

Workers change the animals’ fate 

Sii Power Volunteers didn’t limit their activities to helping people. In 2023, over 40 volunteers participated in two significant actions dedicated to supporting animals. In Wrocław, Sii donated to 2 shelters for homeless cats as part of the Kocia Siiła project. Moreover, Power People organized a cake fair, and the income collected increased the scale of financial aid. 

Workers from Katowice and Gliwice actively supported the SOS Foundation for animals in Chorzów Maciejkowice. In addition to numerous walks with dogs, volunteers constructed chicken coops, a dog pool, and an aviary for cats. They also cleaned and renovated the parrot room and the hall.    

Last year’s campaigns revealed that Sii’s Workers possess exceptional energy, not only to meet their professional duties but also to assist those who are most in need! During each program’s recruitment, employees develop dozens of ideas to foster a better and more inclusive reality.  

To learn more about Sii’s volunteering, check out the website and follow the company’s activities on its LinkedIn profile. Is your passion a social activity? Join the team and participate in the Sii Power Volunteers program.   

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