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Business development in the world of mobile technologies – Mobilise Your Business Conference

On December 6, 2017 Mobilise Your Business conference will take place in Copenhagen. It is the first conference focused on business and technology and it is organized by Microsoft and Sii Poland. While registration is still open, one of the speakers – Business Development Manager, Przemysław Saniak, from Sii Poland answers a few questions.

 Why should one attend the Mobilise Your Business conference?

Using mobile technologies in your business is not an option any more – it’s a necessity.

To grow your business you need to pay attention to the ever-changing market and analyze actions made by successful players. This is why it’s worth hearing what experts in this industry have to say – Xamarin specialists who create cross-platform mobile applications. Microsoft knew what it was doing when it decided to buy this company.

What makes this conference stand out from similar events in the IT sector?

It is a meeting focused also on business and not only technical point of view. When we make use of mobile technologies we influence the business itself. We want to inspire both IT practitioners and business representatives. On the other hand the event aims to present current trends in this area of interest, including cloud technologies and inter device communication.

Why did Sii Poland choose to organize this conference together with Microsoft and Xamarin?

Sii Poland has been an active member of Xamarin’s partnership channel for some years already. Having developed many projects together, we have gained experience and knowledge regarding this technology. Tnaks to this we can now share what we know and help others who wish to develop their business. Microsoft keeps investing in Xamarin to allow its clients to carry on with innovative and breakthrough projects i.e. in the area of machine learning.

Who should attend the Mobilise Your Business conference?

Anyone who would like to grow their business and is looking for new ways to make use of mobile technologies. Anyone who already has an idea and would like to ask specialists for advice. We are certain that we can help you move from idea to successful realization.


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