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Change your future. Become an IT expert!

The third edition of Geek Academy – an intensive IT course for people, who have never worked in the trade, has just begun. 12 participants, with no experience in programming, will have the chance to change their future and join the most desirable profession on the job market thanks to Sii.

IT is one of the fastest developing industries and the most promising fields of study. Programmers and testers are amongst the most desirable candidates on the job market. But not only those, who have graduated from computer science, can become IT experts.

The third edition of Geek Academy has just begun. By taking part in this intensive IT course for people without experience in programming, organized by the Gdańsk branch of Sii, participants can change their career path. A new course will begin on October 1st  The company is looking for candidates who know English are eager to learn.

It is worth applying especially since this year’s edition is going to be exceptional. The participants will learn how to test, under the guidance of Sii’s IT experts. After a month of intensive training, the participants will complete a paid internship at the office of one of Sii’s clients from the banking industry and have a chance of getting hired.

At Sii, what you know is much more important than what certificates you have. The Geek Academy is a perfect example of this. After the previous editions a teacher, a policeman, a ticket inspector and representatives of many other professions have started their careers in IT. Geek Academy allows you to change your future. It is of paramount importance to our company because one of the goals of our business is social responsibility, which is implemented through sharing our expert knowledge in the field of IT and the passion for technology – says Michael Desmurs, Sii Gdańsk Branch Director.

Geek Academy participants will get to know different testing methods, such as functional, efficiency, security, white box and black box. They will also discover the XML and JSON data formats as well as gain an insight into SOAP and REST protocols.

The monthly intensive course classes, which are free of charge, will be held from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 5 pm at Olivia Business Centre. The 2 month paid internship will take place in the client’s office at Łużycka Office Park.

Applications should be sent to: [email protected].

For more information visit: (information in Polish).

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