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Code, inspire and support – Sii Power Volunteers run a project for foster families

As part of Sii Power Volunteers in Łódź branch, we are running a project that supports children from foster families and promotes this kind of parenting. People who decide to take responsibility for another little human being often need constant help and support – volunteers from Sii Polska joined the venture with their project. Iza Wawer, Recruitment Manager at Sii Łódź, the initiator and the leader of the project as well as volunteers participating in the project tell us more about it.

We are carrying out a project that involves a couple of stages. Tell us more about the details of this endeavour.

Iza Wawer, Recruitment Manager, Sii Łódź: I decided to compete for a grant from Sii Power Volunteers Programme, moved by the campaign “Family is for children” . This is a social campaign launched by the Municipal Social Assistance Centre in Łódź in autumn 2017. Its aim is to help children by promoting foster parenting, supporting existing foster families, seeking new candidates, and providing assistance to biological families in need of help. The programme is supported by sports and culture celebrities, such as: Piotr Fronczewski, Olga Tokarczuk, Marcin Gortat, Bartłomiej Topa, Tomasz Kot and Magdalena Boczarska.

I believe that every child should have a home, family and be special to someone. Over 400 children live in orphanages in Łódź. People who decide to go for adoption or become a foster family deserve respect, admiration, but also constant help and support, which was also the goal of our project. The project consists of three events.

To have a good start of the school year, we bought backpacks and school supplies from the Sii Power Volunteers budget and as part of fundraising among our employees, which our volunteers donated to 26 children from foster and related families.

The second venture involved the organization of workshops on Lego Mindstorms programming. They took place in Sii Łódź office and were led by our volunteers – Krzysiek Wnuk and Rafał Iskrzycki, who shared their knowledge and skills with children. 18 kids, aged 9-13 visited our class – after is was over, they did not want to go home! We are pleased with such reactions, because the goal of the classes was to show them new opportunities, broaden horizons, and spark an interest in the topic, so that perhaps programming will be a part of their future not just for fun. Artur Rusek, Service Delivery Manager, who is also a professional photographer, supported us during the venture by organizing a photoshoot.

Krzysztof Wnuk, Solution Architect: This is the second Sii Power Volunteers event I participated in. To the first, in which we wrote cartoons for the wards of the foundation “House in Łódź”, I volunteered out of curiosity and desire to fork out my language skills. That meeting with children moved me a lot and as long as it may sound banal, it changed my life. Therefore, when there was another chance to help kids who need it, I didn’t think twice about applying. These few hours are also really fun for the volunteer!

Rafał Iskrzycki, Software Engineer: It is true, our workshops are simply fun – it was a huge success! By spending just a few hours of our own time, we can provide kids with extraordinary entertainment and spark their interest in robotics.

I.W.: The third stage of our project is still ahead of us. It will be a major renovation of the room of two adolescent boys aged 13 and 14, raised by their grandparents. Our volunteers will also take part in this action, and the renovation is financed by Sii Power Volunteers Program.

By dividing the venture into 3 separate events, we managed to involve more people in the project who decided to put their time and energy to help. In total, several volunteers from Sii Łódź will take part in the project.

What made you organize the project under Sii Power Volunteers?

I.W.: The inspiration was a call from my former boss, with whom I had the pleasure to work in another organization also on charity projects, and which is currently associated with DOBROdziejesię Foundation, a partner in our project. The Foundation is looking for continuous support for the campaign “Family is for children”, as the needs of children are also constant. I immediately thought that Sii and our volunteers would be happy to get involved, because that’s what Sii Power Volunteers Program is for!

Why do you think it is worth getting involved in charity actions?

I.W.: It may sound banal, but I believe that every good deed and gesture is important, they can make others happy and change their lives and surroundings. The aim of this action is to help children in need – I am a mother myself, so the stories of children are especially close to me. Each such initiative gives me a lot of satisfaction, additional energy and is a driving force for further activities. I always try to respond to requests for help from others and I am glad that I can help within Sii.  I am already planning another initiative, which I hope we will be able to carry out with the commitment of the company. I think that the best idea to encourage others to act is to organize as many such initiatives as possible, show their results and share the positive emotions that accompany us. And there are no intermediaries during such actions. It is you as a volunteer and a child – all your energy is visible in their eyes and smile. This is a priceless award that pushes you forward and motivates you to carry on with such activities. That is why I strongly encourage everyone to act as part of Sii Power Volunteers: you do not have to be a leader and feel responsible for the organization of the entire project. You can get involved in one that is taking place in your branch. It’s really worth a try.

In August, the recruitment for the 9th edition of Sii Power Volunteers Program ended. Soon it will be decided which of the 13 submitted projects from all over Poland will receive funding and will be carried out by volunteers from the company by February next year.    

Learn about other initiatives of Sii employees implemented within the Sii Power Volunteers Program. Read the 2019 charity projects summary.

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