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Contact Center in the cloud. What will be the consequences for the industry?

The discussion on the migration of on-premise applications to the cloud has been a source of extreme opinions for years. Meanwhile, despite the voices of opposition from many sides, Customer Experience is slowly moving to the cloud, which in turn has significant consequences for the industry. Is it worth giving up proven local systems and switching to next-generation solutions?

A breakthrough in the Customer Experience area

Although since the 90s customer experience has been closely related to the ICT industry, i.e., hardware solutions, we are currently observing a clear change in the approach. Until now, hardly anyone treated the Contact Center as an application platform that can operate from, for example, the AWS cloud, fully independent of the local or remote server room.

There are many inconveniences that integrators had to face, ranging from implementation of a complete solution, selecting the appropriate server versions, memory size, processor size, system version leveling, to regularly updating aging servers and operating systems and taking care of constant updates. The task was not made any easier by the producer of the described software, because of endlessly releasing new patches and updates.

Today, however, full responsibility for updating systems and enabling customers to access the latest features rests entirely on the shoulders of the manufacturers.

How cloud solutions support innovation

In the classic world of CX, there is not much room for innovation due to the huge amount of data to be processed. Meanwhile, it is the cloud that makes it possible to easily implement modern solutions.

At this point, if customers using the contact center solution want to stay on the market, they must constantly invest in modern tools that introduce new functionalities and innovations to the system. With on-premise solutions, the development is slowed down with each new change as they require long waiting times.

The cloud offers a lot of integration possibilities and it can be easily adapted to the current needs, e.g., making the system more accessible to people struggling with digital exclusion, which used to be a difficult challenge for many and is still affecting a large group of potential users.

There are various features that make up the quality of customer experience and make the process stand out in the market. This is, for example, quick adaptation to new products, their promotion, process automation, the introduction of loyalty programs, cross and up-selling, or basket analysis and multi-channel communication. An additional advantage are the tools to predict and control the number of orders, timeliness and inventory.

Employee-friendly Contact Center

When discussing technological and business issues related to migration to the cloud, the human aspect is also often overlooked. One of the most important points is remote work, which gives a chance to take up professional activity to groups of people who were previously deprived of employment opportunities for various reasons. Thanks to remote work, the continuity of the company’s operations is also ensured and the safety of employees is guaranteed during the times of crisis.

Tools tailored to your needs

Many customers are very active on the Internet, where they willingly share their opinions about the company. The cloud allows us to quickly respond to their needs, easily control all communication channels and build a coherent message within them. On-premise solutions do not offer the same capabilities as intelligent cloud applications provided by market leaders such as Genesys.

Genesys Cloud is also the only solution available on the Polish market that ensures easy and safe migration to the cloud. By combining the cloud with CRM systems, we are able to build a reliable customer experience.

Sii Poland supports clients in efficient migration to the cloud and integration with CRM systems. Thanks to the cooperation, clients receive a comprehensive system in which CRM becomes an excellent source and aggregate of data, while the Genesys Cloud is responsible for logic and control.

Schedule a free proof of concept to see Genesys in action and discover the benefits Genesys can bring to your business.

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