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Developers compete for 10 000 PLN

21 applications submitted by their authors are now fighting for the top prize in the second stage of the competition. The first stage of Let’s code took place on the night of 15-16 November and involved 114 developers in 31 competing teams. The competition, organized by Sii – the fastest growing IT company in Poland, takes place at the offices of Sii in seven cities. In Gdańsk, 32 developers competed in 8 teams.

First stage ended after an entire night of programming. In every city, a jury, composed of technical people and people with business experience, awarded a total of 7 teams, whose applications received the highest marks. Local winners received prizes in form of PlayStation VITA WiFi consoles. – says Joanna Kucharska, HR and Communications Director at Sii and organizer of the competition. – The second stage is nationwide: the participants decided to submit the apps created in the first stage of Let’s code for online voting. 21 applications were submitted. Descriptions of the apps can be found at Each vote, which may be cast until December 13, must include a brief explanation. Application with the most votes wins. We invite you to vote.

Let’s Code competition, founded and organized by Sii, took place for the first time this year. The media patrons are: “Computerworld”, “Semestr”, “Outsourcing&More”, and “Outsouring Portal”.




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