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    The internal Sii Portal is a place for all Sii Power People, joining the functions of an info portal and a knowledge and discussion exchange platform. Trying to meet the expectations of our employees, we constantly improve and extend it with further functionalities.

    Recently, the SharePoint team, together with the business side, worked on further novelties. So, what appeared on the Sii Portal?

    For example, we prepared a site devoted to changes and novelties, where our employees can find currently implemented internal projects. At Sii we focus on each of us being up to date with what happens inside our organization!

    Another novelty is an application, which helps to apply for a change of department, tasks or project. Also from the level of this application, an employee can preview all his applications. This application was designed to optimize the whole project change process in terms of time and, what is most important, it is aimed at making it easier for the employee and the ordinate, to submit and accept such applications.

    Carpooling – an application, which connects drivers, who have free seats in their vehicles, with other people wanting to travel in the same direction. It helps us arrange joint rides, where we can share the costs. We created it to expedite and make the travelling for our employees more pleasant!

    But these are not all the novelties yet. Another one is a site devoted to internal job openings. It is a place, which gathers information about currently conducted, internal recruitment processes at Sii in every location. On this site we posted offers, in which we see particularly high potential in internal recruitment. These ads are mainly addressed to our employees – as part of their development within Sii or by asking them for recommendations, which we value so much 🙂

    Another novelty is a site dedicated to new Sii Power People, who are taking their first steps in our organization. Through this site, an employee has access to the always current information, documents and it is a place, where she or he can ask questions or dispel all their doubts.

    The last of the introduced novelties is the possibility to report and settle business trips online. It is a tool embedded on the Process Portal, which was implemented in order to facilitate the whole management of this process for the employees, as well as Administration Departments.

    SiiPortal is developing constantly and we cannot wait for its next functionalities! 🙂

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