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    This year, the Digital Practice, led by Darek Adamowski, Practice Director, have received the award in the Best Practice category.

    Among ten practices of Sii, the awarded Digital Practice stands out with the best results, implementation of the adopted KPI and profits generated by them. What are the strongest points of the practice, with which they stand out?

    I think that the main characteristics of our practice is offering that is something with what we deal technically: Web Development, Mobile and Experience Management Systems related to the Adobe Experience Management and Site Corem and mainly agile cooperation model – says Darek Adamowski, Practice Director.

    The Digital Practice have functioned in Sii for over a year. Their activities included the mentioned Development, Web Development, Mobile Development and Experience Management. Due to the high level of demand for their services, the practice is constantly developing; the very Mobile Development requires the use of solutions that enable the execution of the finished products for all mobile systems and this, in turn, forces working on newer and newer technologies.

    The practice team consisting of seventy people services a dozen clients from around the world, among others the ones of Scandinavia, Germany, the United States and Japan. Depending on the implemented projects, teams consist of a few to dozens of people and implement fixed price projects, executed in the agile methodology. In addition, the practice has a very large xamarin team creating cross-platform solutions. The team consisting of experts is not their only differentiator from the competition.

    Among the competition, we are distinguished with our flexibility, that is the ability to adapt to the client and openness – Darek Adamowski, DP adds.

    The Digital Practice achieves great results but they still set themselves new goals and adapt to the changes and novelties on the market. Keep up the good work!

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