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Digital Twin – future of production plants

Digital Twin technology supports future-oriented manufacturing companies that strive to apply the Industry 4.0 concept. By providing a bridge connecting the physical and digital worlds in real-time, it helps businesses to streamline operations, introduce product & service innovation, and achieve faster time to market. Sii experts carry out for their clients comprehensive implementations of Digital Twin in the area of enhancing production processes, improving worker ergonomics, or machinery optimization.

More details concerning the conducted projects, achievable business benefits, and specifics of Sii’s approach to solution implementation are available in the full study. The material covers:

  • Primary benefits of introducing Digital Twin for production, logistics, and warehousing.
  • Key success factors for simulation accuracy according to data requirements, project scope, and expected output data.
  • Case study: Changing the logistic system in the factory sewing department.
  • Case study: Adding a new production line (warehousing simulation and comparison of 2 logistic systems).
  • Case study: Ergonomic modeling improving the comfort and efficiency of work.
  • Sii’s approach to implementation and potential benefits for your company.

Discover how Digital Twin can optimize production processes and workflow in your factory. Read more about how Sii experts assist clients in introducing virtualization and what you can gain by cooperating with us.

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