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Discover how Sii Poland engineers ensure the safety of Porsche’s fastest electric cars through the effective robotization of the production line

Precision, the best quality of implemented solutions, and providing the highest safety standards these are the features appreciated by clients cooperating with Sii Poland. They were also the reason for choosing Sii’s engineering teams to support the production of the fastest models of Porsche electric cars in the scope of robotization, automation, and increasing efficiency of the manufacturer’s production line.

Porsche, a world-renowned sports car manufacturer with over 80 years of tradition, releases annually almost 300 000 new cars meeting the highest safety standards. The car manufacturer needed the support of engineering teams experienced in the field of programming industrial robots and PLCs to optimize its’ lines by implementing and commissioning automatic stations, and also to support the start of production.

Fast cars, great responsibility and time pressure

Sii Engineering Competence Center was asked to support the German production line of Porsche Taycan – the fastest electric car from Porsche, a strong competitor for the most powerful Tesla models. The manufacturer needed the assistance of a trusted engineering service provider in terms of robotization, automation, and improving the efficiency of the production workflow.  

 Great responsibility, the huge scale of the project, and time pressure were the most important aspects of this cooperation. Sii engineering teams delivered ready, flawlessly working solutions in the shortest possible time, even before the given deadline. We felt enormous responsibility while building cars used by thousands of drivers on a daily basis. Therefore, providing the highest safety standards and the top quality of the solutions was a priority of ours  says Przemysław Grzanka, Engineering Competency Center Director at Sii Poland.

Sii provides precision and extra support

Sii specialists were responsible for the commissioning of automatic stations, modification and adjustment of programs to the introduced changes in the process and support of production to achieve full line efficiency. They also actively supported the client by proposing modifications and improvements. 

Our engineers took part in the critical point of the production process in which front and rear windows, panoramic roofs, and spoilers were glued. Sii qualified teams consisted of robotics and control systems engineers working mostly on ABB 6-axis manipulators. 

Sii experts proved their experience by presenting great precision and accuracy of provided solutions. Otherwise, a slight difference, even by a part of a millimeter, could result in an inaccurate adjustment of the assembled element in relation to the car’s position. Furthermore, a few minutes of downtime could generate thousands of losses for the client.

Along with the commissioning of automatic stations, Sii engineers additionally projected program checking another crucial stage of the production, safely removing the tape from the car’s paintwork. The proposed solution achieved 99,9% efficiency and was approved by the Porsche quality control department. 

– Nowadays, automation and digitization of lines seem to be the trending tendencies not only in the automotive branch, but the entire industry in general. The previous year revealed how much manufacturers depend on the human factor. The echoes of downtime in factories after the COVID pandemic have not yet subsided, however, the producers noticed these trends and started to increase the investment in the automation and robotization of production lines, thus improving their quality and making them independent from the human work – says Szymon Karaś, Head of Automotive, Sii Poland.  

Effective Robotization of the Production Line

Thanks to Sii engineering teams, the Porsche production line can efficiently carry the planned design and construction of cars, without unnecessary and costly downtime. The delivered works were successfully completed and the line started production even before the deadline. What is more, the client also appreciated the suggestions for improvements, implementing some of them. 

 Our team faced many exciting challenges related to the robotization of production in this project. It was extremely satisfying to work for such a recognizable brand as Porsche. I am really glad that our solutions significantly increased the efficiency and automation of the carried activities  says Szymon Wróbel, Robotics Engineer at Sii Poland. Szymon also talked about the project and his work in our blog.

Benefit from our scale and experience in implementing engineering projects in various areas for clients from around the world, while maintaining the highest safety standards. Check out our offer and see how Sii can help you to develop your business.

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