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Efficient and surprise-free – intelligent risk management in the healthcare sector

In large-scale organizations, effective risk management involves developing an optimal way to counter adverse events. Lately, internal process automation based on cloud solutions has been receiving increasing attention. One of the sectors widely using such solutions is healthcare, as it is particularly associated with errors that entail serious and even tragic consequences.

Why put your business at risk?

For years, Sii Poland has been cooperating with the largest provider of medical products, equipment, and services aimed at people who suffer from chronic and serious illnesses. The client’s operations cover international markets, and the organization itself includes 6 dispersed business segments in 36 regions and 162 countries.

The accelerated growth of the client’s business over the recent time has led to the need to streamline the risk management procedure at the global level. Previously, the company had relied heavily on manual processes, but these had become time-consuming and began to involve a constant increase in the number of employees. The solution to the resulting problems turned out to be the automation of individual activities from the risk management area.

Control risk at a global level

To meet the client’s business needs, Sii Poland experts have built a solution that makes it possible to identify risks on the spot. In the long run, it also makes it possible to control risk at the company-wide level.

− Our main goal was to create a tool that allows identifying the causes and effects of specific events, analyzing the effectiveness of corrective actions, projecting risk factors, determining the likelihood of their occurrence and the relationship between them, and, above all, counteracting the risks that generate losses − explains Sebastian Cieszczyk, Google Cloud CC Lead at Sii Poland.

The project carried out by Sii Poland specialists included, among others, migration to the cloud environment, reconstruction of interfaces, and implementation of new functionalities. It was a rebuild-in-the-cloud scenario, where the focus was put on scalability and cost-effectiveness. The cloud-native approach let us build an application that performs extremely well when thousands of risks are processed but stays reasonably cheap when records are collected and there is no need for such computing power.

A continuous activity stream, matrix reports, threat visualization, acceptance process extension, new types of risks, and live trend analysis – these are just some of the functions of the tailor-made application adapted to the dynamically changing requirements of the global organization with a distributed structure. It also allows for managing the risk of the entire institution and, thus, quickly making profitable strategic decisions.

Most importantly, the effects

A dedicated, intuitive application developed by the Sii Poland team allows the client to monitor and analyze the identified risks in real time, thereby protecting the organization from the effects of adverse events.

− In contrast to the time before the implementation, when each stage of the process required employee involvement at different levels, including top management, it is now possible to automatically manage risk at the global, regional, and national levels – says Sebastian Cieszczyk.
– We’re particularly pleased that nearly 2 500 people working at the company regularly use Sii Poland’s application and its functions to improve their work. The application was so well-received within the organization that a new tool of the ecosystem was requested. The new tool aggregates and presents specific risks in the area of interest of the whole organization’s top management. Once again, we took the public cloud as a baseline, which is very convenient as the new system is heavily integrated with the original one – he comments.

However, the already successful project doesn’t end there, and cooperation with the medical sector leader is gaining momentum. The Sii Poland team has created a large, scalable risk management system consisting of a variety of tools. Applications supporting the operation of the solution implemented so far continue to be developed, and more interface extensions are planned.

If you’re interested in automating the risk management process as well, contact us to find out which solution will suit your organization best.

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