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Sii’s experts support Young Talents

With the start of a new academic year, we opened a lot of new initiatives aimed at students! Last year we organized as many as 50 events in 12 locations across Poland, not limiting ourselves to technical universities. Thanks to events such as organized lectures, workshops, and job fairs, students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain practical skills. We also opened our offices to let them experience the Sii’s spirit at organized meetings. The work was intense, and this year we raise the bar even higher. Check out what we’re preparing!

Coworking spaces: a room for cooperation

We believe that a climate of creative collaboration is the driving force of any endeavor. However, every meeting needs an appropriate space. Sii met the needs of students and made sure to create comfortable coworking spaces for common learning and creative free time. On March 16, 2023, based on Sii’s cooperation with Maria-Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin, we opened a co-working zone at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science. On October 23, we became a Gold Partner of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and opened another space there.

We equipped both spaces with care for student comfort, reflecting Sii’s office climate and spirit. Our spaces have been extremely successful, providing students with a place to study together, solve problems, relax, and revise, as well as to organize small events or meetings with internship providers. Encouraged by the success of the project, we plan to open a new coworking space later this year.

Mutual collaboration that benefits all parties: Sii’s partnerships with the universities

At Sii, we focus on learning from experienced practitioners, so our experts are eager to share their business knowledge in the natural environment of students. The result is active cooperation with as many as 34 universities across the country and Sii’s official partnerships with 14 universities. In our cooperation with the academic community, we prioritize listening to universities’ needs and conducting activities that bring maximum benefit to both parties. Sii specialists participate in organizing university events and lectures, providing insight into practical and business topics. They also offer guidance in developing syllabuses.

In the recently launched academic year of 2023/2024, we have successfully established official partnerships with two new universities: the WSEI University in Lublin as well as the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. The partnerships were signed by branch directors Artur Palac and Tomasz Eberbach.

Open Days, or get to know Sii personally

Many times during the year we open our doors and invite students to Sii offices. Last academic year, we organized 8 Open Days – cyclical meetup events held in the summer semester. As many as 262 participants expanded their network and technical knowledge through meetings with Sii’s experts. During this year’s meetings, we discussed agile methodologies in project management, functional programming in Java, and technical interview preparation.

Putting knowledge into practice: internships and junior offers for students

We strive to shape the future of the IT industry by providing active support to young talents in the job market. Sii’s internship recruitment program operates all year round. However, we publish most of our offers before the Summer Talent Academy, where you can test your abilities in both technical and back-office positions. Recruitment for the LAT starts around spring, and the internship period covers July, August, and September. We don’t just offer internships; we also provide an extensive benefits package, friendly onboarding, buddy and mentoring programs, as well as specialized technical and soft skills training to support and ensure the smoothest possible induction of interns who are interested in IT.

That’s not all of Sii’s initiatives

Our desire to support students in taking their first professional steps results in participation in various, often surprising, ventures. We took part in many initiatives in the academic community, such as the cooperation of Bialystok’s CC Embedded with the Dynamics scientific club in the building of a guide robot, patronage of the Cyber Security postgraduate program at WSPiA or consultation of the syllabus of the Artificial Intelligence specialization. In addition, as one of the sponsors of the PWR Racing Team, we contributed to the purchase of a LIDAR system for the RT13e car.

Throughout the academic year of 2022/2023, we had the pleasure of organizing many interesting events. At the “Monday with IT” event at the University of Silesia, Radosław Krzywiecki introduced the world of Java to the audience. During the Academy of Entrepreneurship at UMCS, Bartosz Stucke taught about automated testing. At the Lublin University of Technology, we held a lecture in the series “Through the Eyes of a Practitioner”, which focused on the basics of architecture and event sourcing. In addition, during his visit to the Poznan University of Technology, Wiktor Łoś delivered a lecture on modern technologies in the IT industry.

The academic year has started and we have many events planned. Stay informed by checking the student section of the Sii’s website!

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