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From a 1-person startup to a company reaching 5 000 experts and 1 billion revenue – 15 years of Sii Poland

January 2021 marks Sii Poland’s 15th birthday. A lot has changed, but the company remained faithful to its soul: mission, objectives and values. – In 2006 I was hoping Sii Poland would become a respectable well-prospering company, in which people would be happy and proud to work. From today’s perspective, I am glad to say that all of my expectations were exceeded – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO and founder of Sii Poland.

This year is special for Sii Poland – in January the company celebrates its 15th anniversary. A lot has changed, but key things remained the same. Since the very beginning, the company has been people-oriented and decisions were and still are made according to 14 core values followed by Power People every day to achieve the 5 strategic objectives: profit, clients’ satisfaction, workers’ satisfaction, winning against competitors and fun.

Power People – the key to success

Another key factor to Sii’s success was establishing and executing the company’s mission: Power People – identifying and promoting the best workers. Throughout the years hundreds of talented workers were promoted to managerial positions. By investing in people’s development and providing them with opportunities to advance, Sii has earned a reputation of a Great Place to Work – a title the company receives every year since 2015.

– It makes me very proud that many of the people, who were with us at the beginning, are still part of Sii. In 2006 I was hoping Sii Poland would become a respectable well-prospering company, in which people would be happy and proud to work. From today’s perspective, I am glad to say that all of my expectations were exceeded. We have accomplished a lot so far, but we are focusing on the future, especially since there are more major milestones ahead of us, such as PLN 1 billion in revenue, which we should achieve in our current fiscal year ending in March 2021 – says Grégoire Nitot, founder and CEO of Sii Poland.

One of the things, which also remained great, is the atmosphere, which Sii is known for. And it has only been getting better with dynamically growing headcount, which has reached 5 000 Power People in 14 locations across Poland. Consecutive years brought many great memories from numerous events, such as integration weekends and themed costume carnival balls.

Project teams counted in hundreds

What has brought people together are also projects within the Passion Sponsorship and Sii Power Volunteers Programs, to which the company currently dedicates PLN 500 000 a year. So far Sii workers have helped children from charitable foundations, renovated hospital rooms, cared for animals in local shelters, gave the elderly computer classes and taught programming. Moreover many communities dedicated to hobbies have been established, where people from various sites and departments can share technical knowledge and passions. There are groups dedicated to programming, testing, sailing, mountain climbing, running, gardening and many more.

However, some things have changed over the years. Sii started by servicing small and medium-sized companies. Today top brands all over the world from various sectors choose Sii as their IT, engineering, BPO and consulting services preferred provider, including Mercedes, Puma, Roche, ABB, mBank, Volvo, Ingenico, Reckitt Benckiser, Credit Suisse, 3M, Qiagen and much more. Currently, the largest team delivering projects for the biggest client counts over 500 people and a few others are right behind with over 400 engineers on board.

Sii’s history begun in a small 50m2 apartment on Szpitalna Street in Warsaw city center. Since 2006 the company has built an office base in major Polish cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Cracow, Lodz, Lublin, Katowice, Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz, Czestochowa, Pila, Bialystok and Gliwice.

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