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Get to know better Sii Poznań – a workplace of over 400 employees with a great passion for technology and volunteering

Innovative projects for leading global brands and the public sector. Numerous groups of enthusiasts, bringing together people of various interests. National and local charity initiatives. Check out what Sii Poznań and over 400 experts, who work here, are into. 

The Poznań branch of Sii Poland has reasons to celebrate. It has just exceeded 400 employees and soon it will be celebrating its 10th birthday. It is the place, in the heart of Greater Poland, where Sii experts carry out projects for clients from around the world, including banking, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and e-commerce sectors. Among them, we will find passion-driven enthusiasts, keen on technology and various types of sports, music, games or film. Some people actively support or undertake charity initiatives with the support of the local branch, which involvement is visible throughout the year.

Challenging projects 

Poznań IT teams provide solutions to clients from around the world using various technologies. Engineers in their work use, among others, Kafka, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Spring Boot 2, Java 11, React and OAuth / OpenID. 

 As part of one of our projects, we support the client in designing a new, modernized version of his main product: a clinical data repository. This system manages the data collected from trials and experiments, on which it then enables various types of analyzes, mainly statistical ones. Our prototype not only met the client’s requirements but also will help many pharmaceutical companies in developing more effective treatment methods. We are very proud of being part of it – says Michał Kowalski, Solution Architect at Sii Polska.

At the same time, Poznań experts work, among others on providing fully functional pension calculation platform for the German government, so that over 82 million citizens will receive transparent and secure insight into the details of their pensions. 

The delivered projects also require appropriate security solutions. This aspect is particularly important when working on an authentication platform that allows Internet users to use “virtual identity” on the Internet, such as online stores or electronic banking. Thanks to the support of Sii Poland, which also includes the creation of a fully responsive and reactive website, two-step authorization and solutions compatible with the standards of microservice architecture, the client managed to meet stringent security requirements and obtain the status of a certified provider of authentication solutions. That confirms the high-quality security of the entire platform. 

Driven by passion 

The Sii Poznań team consists of over 400 people with various interests. The company supports them not only as part of the Passion Sponsorship Program that was established 4 years ago, but also through numerous interest groups that were formed at the request of employees. They are based on their needs so they look different in each branch. In Poznan, we can find sports groups for football, badminton, running (RunnerSii) and basketball fans. This last one actively participates in the Basketball Business League games, where it is one of the few teams formed of the company’s employees only.  I have been the team captain since the very beginning, i.e. since 2018. We celebrated our first successes after the first season, when our teammate received an individual award for the player with the most blocks in the entire Poznań league  says Mikołaj Ewiak, Software Engineer at Sii Poland and the team captain. 

Members of a fastgrowing group for runners are also training intensively. They have already become known as heroes of the #Siiruns40WM project, where 40 volunteers ran in the Warsaw Marathon and collected 40000 PLN for the Rak’n’Roll Foundation.  

Poznań running group has also participated in i.e. Poznań Marathon, Poznań HalfmarathonLechit Race and several times in the relay-race in Śrem, where each year we engage in charity  says Łukasz Tchórz, Test & Analysis Engineer, a member of the RunnerSii group.  Interestingly, obstacle racing is very popular and gathers a lot of attendees who are not part of the group on a daily basisWe can observe how motivating is common passion  some of us broke their life records this year  he adds. 

Employees from Poznań branch are also music performers who conquer music scenes around the country.  TuTejSii was formed at the beginning of 2019 from the spontaneous need to make music together  explains the origin of the band founder and vocalist, Julianna Grabowska, License Management Specialist at Sii Poland. – Our sound is quite unusual, we owe it to the rock-jazz composition of talented musicians from our branch. Thanks to the Passion Sponsorship Program, we are intensively developing and preparing subsequent concerts that we will play at both corporate and external events  she adds. 

They cook, bake and build homes for dogs – volunteers from Sii Poznań are unstoppable 

Every year, Sii Poland actively participate in charity actions as part of Sii Power Volunteers, a nationwide program which aim is to help those in need together. The originators of the actions are employees – they coordinate them with the support of the company. Most of such initiatives are taken locally. During only last year there were dozens of such actions carried out in Poznań.

– In December, we got involved in helping the organizers of “Zupa na Głównym” by donating its functioning. This is another time when we decide to spend our funds on a noble goal instead of buying Christmas gifts  explains Natalia Buczel, Regional Director of Poznań branch at Sii Poland. 

 Last quarter we also organized the Charity Food Festival, for which we cooked and baked a lot of delicacies, and then gave all the funds gathered from internal market to the Zupa na Głównym” association. For Halloweenwe carried out a collection under the slogan referring to its traditional game “Trick or Treat”. The collected funds were given to an orphanage in Kórnik Bnin – says Milena Szymkowiak, Event Specialist at Sii Poland.

The Poznań branch was also engaged in national campaigns organized by Sii Poland such as the one carried out for the ISKIERKA FoundationVolunteers helped renovate of the rooms adjacent to the magnetic resonance imaging laboratory at John Paul II Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice. They obtained a grant for this noble cause – 50000 PLN from the employer by burning calories in a global challenge and collecting clothes for people in need. Two cycling enthusiasts, including Rafał Modelski, Account Executive from Sii Poznańjoin to the action and took a cycling tour “Tour de Sii Poland”, crossing over 1000 km within 6 days. 

Volunteers do not forget about animals. During this year’s integration weekend of Sii Poznań, one of the activities was to build the homes for animals from Zwierzakowo shelter in Posadówek. It was combined with the collection of things for dogs to provide them with better conditions for their living.  

The effects of volunteer efforts and the joy of those who got support is a real driving force for the next actions, which are already slowly filling the calendar for 2020. 

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