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Gregoire Nitot, an Entrepreneur of the Year by CCI France Pologne

The annual gala of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP) was held on May 27th. The guests had the opportunity to share their rich experiences and to celebrate the Polish-French friendship. Like every year, special prizes were awarded during the event. In this year’s edition, Gregoire Nitot – Founder and CEO of Sii Poland – received the CCIFP Grand Prix award in the category “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

The annual CCIFP gala is a very important event in the Polish-French environment of business people, culture, sports, politics, and media. Every year, several hundred invited guests have the opportunity to meet, share rich experiences, and celebrate the Polish-French friendship.

This year, more than 300 guests met at the Sofitel Hotel in Warsaw on May 27th. Three prizes of the CCIFP Grand Prix were awarded during the event. A special award went to the founder and CEO of Sii Poland, Gregoire Nitot, who became Entrepreneur of the Year.

The second prize went to Mr. Maxime Polesello in the category “Best Start-Up,” CEO of SINTERIT from Krakow. The third prize to BNP Paribas Bank Poland in the category of “CSR Activitities”.

For Gregoire Nitot and Sii, this year’s award is a double reason to be proud, as it’s already the second prize awarded by CCI France Pologne. The first award was won in 2008 in the category “Best Start-Up”.

This year, due to the difficult situation in Ukraine, the Chamber of Commerce decided to change the format of the event. During the evening a charity auction of items was held for the benefit of Ukraine. The funds collected will be used for ambulances and activities of the Polish Humanitarian Action. On the day of the gala more than 170 000 PLN were collected, but it’s still possible to join the collection.

The evening was also celebrated with a performance by Natasza Urbańska, and the gala dinner was prepared by the chef of La Bresserie Moderne and Sofitel Paweł Kałuski.

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