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Hajda – off he goes on the bike, passion and… Sii

Since January he has worked in a well-functioning team with Michał Grudniak and Katarzyna Stecko for a Client in Gliwice. He likes his job, but his passion is cycling.

Cycling is a very pleasant and beautiful sport, but it sets a fairly high bar. It requires determination, desire of continuous work, tenacity, team cooperation, learning more about training, understanding tactics, including the ability to cycle in a peloton. It is also necessary to know more fundamental issues, such as proper nutrition” – says Kamil.

He started cycling nearly 18 years ago encouraged by his neighbour-enthusiast and his brother, who at a young age was a very promising cyclist. In the meantime, he played in the Amateur Basketball League in Bytom. Two years ago, after an injury he returned to cycling. He trained in a group of a dozen or so, managed by Mateusz Kądziela. At first he refused to compete in amateur races, knowing that their level is sometimes high. The breakthrough came this year.


If two years ago someone told me that I will participate in amateur racing, and at a very decent level, I would consider it a cheap joke, but… I came to love the sport again. It made me realise how great opportunities lie dormant in us. Besides, amateur races are absorbing – rivalry gives a great kick and motivation for hard, sometimes even backbreaking training. I had a very successful season, a total of seven races” – he reveals.

Team members come from the same neighbourhood. Kamil initially trained alone. But together with a friend he decided to create a sports group. They set the hours of meetings and invited friends, and even strangers met on the route. After a year the group included almost 20 people, and trainings are attended by even twice the number of people. This small community of cyclists resulted in the formation of a group of enthusiasts who wanted something more. And so RGK, or Radzionkowska Cycling Group was born.

Our trainings are very diverse. In preparation for the season, we cycle in groups over long distances of 70-100 km. You could say that these are more trips than trainings. If the route is interesting, there are a lot of people, also from outside the group. When the season is gaining momentum, we accelerate and increase the intensity roughly to the level equivalent to what can be expected at a race. Amateur cyclists from all over the region show up at our Cycling Thursdays. Training is a simulation of the race – there are difficult climbs, sprints, escapes and high speed. We have a ranking of the best participants, who at the end of the season are rewarded with a symbolic prize” – says Kamil.

In the summer, on days without racing, the group organises trips to the mountains. In addition to training, we spend time together.


This year, the group was already in the Italian Alps to face the legendary passes on the route of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. “For most of us it was an amazing experience” – he says. In 2019, World Amateur Championships in road cycling will be held in Poznan. To take part, you have to go through a series of smaller qualifying races and qualify for an international race.

Over the next two years we want to take part in as many races as possible, which will help us to gain experience and form. Our main goal for this season is the general classification of the prestigious Colnago Lang Team Race organised by Czeslaw Lang, the main organiser of the Tour de Pologne. We also plan to participate in a series of national cycling events under the banner of ROAD Marathon. The icing on the cake will be the struggle for top positions in the Amateur Tour de Pologne in Bukowina Tatrzańska” – he announces.


RGK group is open to new members. Novices can count on the support of more experienced cyclists, have fun and spend time actively. “The love affair with cycling can begin without any special preparation. You just need a bike and good intentions. Not to become discouraged, it is worth considering what attracted us to cycling, which largely determines the selection of routes. Some like the road and “racing bikes”, and others – wilderness and mountain bikes. Less experienced people should remember about temperance. In short, the longer the break in cycling, the shorter training. Three 30-45 minute rides per week are good for a start. The appetite grows with eating. The most important thing is to be regular. Those who cannot do it are encouraged to cheer for our group. Starting from next season, we will ride in the colours of Sii!” – says Kamil.

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