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Homebanking – an implementation of new funcionality in AX system

Due to the rapid development of Sii and the increase in the number of employees and partners, the AX Practice has been entrusted with the implementation of new functionalities in the AX system used by Sii that would significantly improve its operations.

 This in-house project has improved the work of 3 corporate departments: Administration, Accounting and Controlling. The problem concerned the flow of documents – each invoice, business trip or settlement of expenses used to be entered into the system in two ways – into the AX system to ensure that the document is booked and recognised in the company’s results, and into the banking system to ensure payment. The work related to entering suppliers details and bank account numbers was performed twice. The process was very time-consuming and involved a lot of resources. Hence the need for a solution that would be more effective.

 The circulation of documents was to be improved by a new functionality within the AX system implemented in Sii in 2014, or the so-called Homebanking. The functionality in its basic version, however, did not meet the internal requirements of our organisation and it had to be expanded and tightened up.  The challenge was taken up by the AX Practice and after three months we have received the final product.

From December 1, the company uses the finished product, which is currently used by more than 80 people. At present, each of the departments involved in the process has clearly defined tasks that are minimised as far as possible. Administration takes care of correct recording of documents and their approval. It uses an additional functionality: dragging e-invoices directly to AX. Then Accounting Department checks documents in terms of taxes, accepts the data for transfer and creates a payment package, which is sent to the banking system. In the last stage, the Controlling Department authorises the package by means of random verification of documents.

As a result, documents reach the Accounting Department more quickly, workload of the Administration Department in the area of payments has been reduced and the Controlling Department does not have to approve each document separately.

The business aspects of the in-house project were supervised by dedicated persons from the Controlling, Accounting and Administration Departments, and the AX Practice was responsible for the technical implementation.


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