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How Business Intelligence affects the growth of the company’s revenue? Participate in the e-Seminar on 31.01!

On January 31st a free eSeminar „How Business Intelligence affects the growth of the company’s revenue?” will take place.

The topic of Business Intelligence will be presented by: Jacek Biały, Business Intelligence Competency Center Manager & BI Architect and Piotr Bury, Deputy Controlling Manager at Sii Poland. The host of the webinar will be Martyna Kalicka, Communication Specialist.

During the meeting our experts will discuss the application of Business Intelligence in companies and explain the benefits of implementing BI solutions and why it is so important to train employees in the use of BI tools. The participants of the eSeminiar will learn:

  • What BI solutions will help their company achieve a success on the market,
  • Which KPI indicators will allow to verify the profitability of the activities carried out in the company,
  • Which data translates into a real income increase,
  • Why companies should train their employees in BI.

During the webinar, the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions on a live chat.

Find more information about the invited guests on the site of the webinar.

Register here.


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