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How to leverage Measurement Services in SAP EWM? Find out how the Sii team supports clients in supply chain management

Most warehouse operations consume excessive amounts of time when performed manually. All supply chain processes (SCM), including order registration and picking, as well as packing and shipping, can prove inefficient if they aren’t backed up with the proper tools. Sii Poland’s experts assist clients in implementing solutions that streamline operations, including the SAP EWM module, which facilitates the effective use of key business data in daily operations.

With increasing competition and growing pressure to deliver regardless of supply chain disruptions, companies need to ensure efficiency, reliability, and adaptability to ever-changing market conditions. It is important to constantly monitor the processes in SCM and respond to changes in the environment on an ongoing basis. The more accurate data we can receive in real time, the faster we can react to it. As a result, we are able not only to constantly monitor KPIs but also to proactively eliminate bottlenecks, mitigate, and effectively solve problems within a shorter period.

Based on years of experience in providing solutions dedicated to numerous sectors, Sii Poland experts offer clients a comprehensive and flexible approach to supply chain management. The most recent addition to Sii’s SAP solution portfolio is the Extended Warehouse Management module. With their experience in logistics, specialists can monitor and analyze the processes occurring in the warehouse and optimize them on an ongoing basis, preventing empty runs and resource waste.

Further details on Sii’s implementation in the area of supply chain management and our comprehensive approach to carrying out projects can be found in the full article below. The material includes answers to the following questions:

  • How to efficiently use Measurement Services in SAP EWM to handle simple and complex queries for business-critical data?
  • What are the possibilities of integrating SAP EWM with other applications?
  • How do Sii consultants support clients in introducing SAP supply chain solutions (i.e. implementation, support, maintenance, rollouts, etc.)?
  • How can solutions from the SAP ERP suite (ABAP, Fiori/UI5, S/4 HANA) improve the performance of your business?

Learn about the key benefits of collaboration with Sii in the field of warehouse management. Discover how our experts support clients in their SAP projects.

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