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How to make systems available to 250 000 users? Discover how Sii experts helped improve performance tests at IG Group

The efficiency and availability of brokerage systems is a top priority for IG Group, a leader in the financial sector, providing services to nearly 250 000 clients in more than 140 countries around the world. To keep them at the highest level, the company asked Sii Poland to help them improve the performance testing process. The result of cooperation was, among others, an increase in the performance test coverage for all key applications of the company and the complete automation of their run process.

Challenging project on a global scale

Providing services to clients in more than 140 countries, IG Group supports 17 000 financial markets in areas relating to stocks, stock market indices and forex market. This makes the company a world leader in the sector. Due to the dynamic growth and many new projects, IG faced the challenge of increasing the scope of performance tests. Despite very well-established testing processes and implemented automation, further development of tests proved impossible without outside support.

– It is obvious that a global leader servicing nearly 250 000 clients around the world pays special attention to quality and maintains the performance and availability of their systems at the highest level – says Rafał Dybus, Account Director at Sii Poland, responsible for cooperation with IG Group. – We are proud that Sii was invited to cooperate in improving performance testing at IG – he adds.

– When we received information about the complexity of the solution’s architecture, the number of users logged in simultaneously and the expected response times during talks and needs recognition phase, we knew that cooperation with IG would be demanding and difficult to fit into the framework of a typical project. We saw it as an exciting challengesays Artur Dudek, Test Development Engineer at Sii Poland.

Improvement of the performance testing process

Initially, Sii experts were responsible for adding new scripts covering different functionalities to the testing resources. However, cooperation expanded rapidly and in the next few weeks, Sii also supported IG in the development of performance testing automation. InfluxDB, Kafka and Grafana, whose main task was to transfer and store test results, were added to the process. In addition, the tools were intended to allow their analysis, in particular, to check for compliance with performance requirements.

Another important challenge in which Sii supported IG was changing the performance testing tool.

– When we start measuring the response time to individual queries in milliseconds, every detail matters – Adam Romanowicz, IG Head of QA, stresses. – IG put a lot of work into finding the tools that will work best in our environment and guarantee that performance is measured accordingly.

From testing to software development support

The results of the year-long cooperation between Sii and IG include:

  • significantly increased performance test coverage for all major applications, allowing 10 times more realistic test scenarios to be built,
  • reducing the effort needed to prepare new tests to a minimum,
  • complete automation of the test run process.

– Currently, tests at IG are run independently, and the results are collected in one place. This allows the tester to concentrate on the analysis of the results and enables the introduction of new UNIT and SANITY tests into the preparation process, thanks to which the provided scripts are of the highest quality – says Artur Dudek. – All these optimizations have made it possible to run tests simultaneously on many environments, at different stages of software development. Of course, the icing on the cake is the possibility of detecting performance problems earlier and more precisely – he concludes.

Successful cooperation in the area of testing has allowed its continuation in the field of software development in technologies such as Java, Javascript, Python, C++ and Android.

– For years I have believed in the principle that good cooperation with the client is possible when great relations are maintained – and such relations can be developed only by providing the highest-quality services and properly qualified specialists. The year-long cooperation with IG has resulted in the deployment of more than 25 consultants who support several key projects and teams on the client side. This shows that we are able to meet even the highest expectations of organizations as demanding as IG – says Rafał Dybus.

To learn more about performance testing at Sii, check our website.

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