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Our goal is to check how an application works with the expected number of users. This can be done under both normal and peak load. Through load testing, we help you identify bottlenecks that can disrupt the application’s functioning.

What we do:

  • analyze behavior of the application under the expected load
  • simulate real user scenarios
  • determine the upper limit of performance and stability

Sii specialists help you determine the critical point of an application or a server using extreme load and very high traffic, often exceeding their capabilities.

What we do:

  • check the system stability under the unexpected load
  • simulate the load under the threshold of a break
  • check system behavior during a crash and discover how it recovers from failure
  • check data saving, cause of errors in logs, etc.

We verify how an application behaves and whether the expected load can be handled for a long period of time.

We can help you with:

  • checking the system behavior under sustained use and load
  • real user scenarios simulation
  • potential memory leaks checking

Our team evaluates an application’s productivity under large amounts of stored and processed data. All tests are performed cyclically, each time after data volume increases.

We can help you with:

  • application behavior analysis when data volume increases
  • real user scenarios simulation
  • system stability and data loss monitoring
  • required resources identification

We're experts in performance testing

Get to know the next-generation performance tests

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