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How to protect e-commerce against oversupply? Experts from Sii will answer that question at Ecommerce Trends 2019

On March 7, Warsaw will host another, already 13th Ecommerce Trends conference. It will be participated by our experts in this field, who will also speak about the efficiency and risks of e-commerce systems in the periods of increased traffic.

The conference will focus on the worldwide trends in e-commerce and the results of market research and analysis prepared by leading research and consulting companies. This year a particular attention will be paid to issues such as advanced personalization, recommendation and location technologies or multi-channelled commerce, which gradually becomes a standard in online stores.

Patryk Święczkowski, Technical Leader, and Marcin Kozłowski, Service Delivery Manager – specialists from Sii’s Digital Competency Center, who on a daily basis carry out e-commerce projects for Polish and international customers, will help the participants answer the following question: “Is your e-commerce ready for Black Friday?”.

The Black Friday phenomenon keeps e-commerce entrepreneurs awake. Patryk, what should online shop owners look at not to experience oversupply in that time?

Patryk Święczkowski: The so-called Black Friday has many faces. On the one hand, we have top turnover and sales in the year. On the other, there are extended delivery periods, inoperable coupons, busy helplines or out-of-date stocks, which frustrates our customers. From my point of view, in that time it is important for our e-commerce to have not only an efficient front end (basket, messages) but also the whole back end and engine (database, website).

If until then our shop has any pending issues or unstable components, we can be sure that the Black Friday will reveal them. Contrary to what we might expect, minor improvements may have a great importance for a smooth information flow and operation of our shop.

To make the answer short: we are able to assess possible risks as well as suggest and implement appropriate solutions in order not to lose the potential of Black Friday or another hot season in our business.

According to Digital Commerce 360, the traffic and online purchase orders in that period increase nearly twice. Customers are more and more demanding, and when facing a great range of products and services online, they are easily discouraged from finalizing the transaction and abandon their baskets in case of any technical issues. Can we avoid that? What should we pay attention to?

Marcin Kozłowski: That is true: year by year, surveys prove that the behaviours of stationary shop customers are transferred to the Web. Here we don’t have to fight for the Christmas turkey, although the tension and the feeling of virtual pushing through may be similar.

Even the best prepared team may face unexpected events. It is a very good example of Murphy’s law, which basically states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. At the conference, we will show which elements of our e-commerce should be paid a particular attention. And how to reach the shore if our ship starts leaking.

Who your presentation is addressed to?

PŚ: On Black Friday it doesn’t matter whether your business offers 100 or 100,000 different goods. The challenge is always the same: increased traffic on our website or in the app. I think nobody wants to lose their customers. If you are just beginning your e-commerce business, you will sooner or later have to struggle with the efficiency of your solutions. Our presentation is for those who carry out an online business and, on Black Friday, would like to count successful transactions, not losses.

You can register for the conference on E-commerce Trends website.
If you are interested in our e-commerce and other solutions, please explore the offer of Digital Competency Center.

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