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Sii shares knowledge with others – please join us at HR Summit!

On 29th and 30th of September, 2015 in Warsaw, the Conference HR Summit 2015 is taking place. One of the speakers at organized by Puls Biznesu event is Joanna Kucharska, the HR and Communication Director at Sii. We greatly invite you to join us there!

Joanna, relying on the experience gained from her day-do-day work at Sii – company that employs over 2000 specialists and has been recognized as an ideal employer which is best expressed in a number of rewards received (the Best Place to Work in IT 2012, 2013, 2014, the Best Place to Work 2015) – will talk about the influence of an open communication on the engagement of the employees and on building the working environment. She will elaborate on the experiences when building the organization culture as well as the significance of the corporate values and their realization in common life of the company.

The conference is taking place in Warsaw, at Airport Okęcie Hotel. We invite you to join Joanna Kucharska’s lecture on Tuesday, 29th of September, at 11:25 – “An open communication – hit or myth?”,hr-summit-2015

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