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    Humanist with a portfolio and ideas in PMO

    Appearances are deceptive. It turn out that the processes coordinator and analyst in the Project Management Office at Sii is a perfect job for… a graduate of Scandinavian studies.

    I analyse all the projects carried out by the company. From the Project Management Office level I am able to  implement and improve the processes and tools related to the Sii`s projects methodology. My work is also based largely on supporting project managers in their everyday job. Thanks to this I constantly learn something new, and this is what I like the most” says Joanna.

    Her adventure with Sii began in January 2012. It will soon be five years, but she still likes what she does. She enjoys working in the PMO as it is the source of self-fulfilment and something that enables the constant growth of her competence. The analysis of processes and projects requires a lot of imagination and practical application of knowledge acquired on an on-going basis. And Joanna has them both.

    Analysis of indicators, trends, potential risks… It would seem that this is just numbers, but it is not. Numbers only help to look at projects in a synthetic way and identify the points at which changes are needed. I help project managers to avoid risk – looking at many projects I can detect and identify eariel the challenges that are likely to appear in the project” says.

    In addition to the regular supervision of projects – Joanna conducts audits and ensures high quality of data delivered in the reports, on the basis of which the Management Board can make decisions concerning the project portfolio management. Knowledge of projects acquired by her and the whole Project Management Office is also a valuable source of information for the Finance and HR Departments.

    I am close to each project, but still outside of their structures and daily routine, which allows me to keep an objective view. My opinions and suggestions are valuable not only for project managers, but also indirectly, for the management of the company. This is a big a responsibility, but also very rewarding” she says.

    The biggest challenge faced by Joanna at Sii was to prepare the PSD department for ISO 9001 certification. “I was responsible for the entire analysis, action plan  and verification of its implementation. It was a lot of work, there were a lot of details to bring under control. However, the audit results were perfect. When I think back to that time I smile, but then I saw this task as one of the most difficult things I had to face when it comes to my work at Sii” she says.

    Joanna is a lover of active leisure and has numerous passions. “I cannot stand idly by. I used to do competitive swimming – the pool was my second home. But I also tried other things, like flamenco, you could say, at a semi-professional level. For the past few years I spend my energy reserves on my daughter and son. When they went to school, I could continue to pursue my passions, and so I came across aikido.


    I want to get a black belt, but it obviously takes time. I would recommend martial arts to everyone, because it is not just physical exercise but mainly a good training of mind, self-control and patience” she says. An alternative vision? Of course, she has one. “I would like to work with rescue dogs, preferably Tamaskan Dog or Siberian Husky. I would love to have a preparatory course and travel the world helping people who suffer misfortune. Who knows, maybe someday? This is just one of the ideas, and I have at least a few. I do not know if I have enough life to realise all of them, but I will definitely try” declares Joanna.

    Let’s hope so. Success comes to those who believe in it.

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