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Interview with Michał Kopczyński, CIO at Sii

Sii’s internal IT department has been developing dynamically since the company’s inception. In the last two years we have seen some profound changes – Michał Kopczyński, IT Director at Sii, talks about his path of development, major changes in the company’s IT and plans for the future.

Katarzyna Domańska: You have held the position of IT Director at Sii for the last two years. What has your professional path been like before?


Michał Kopczyński: My adventure at Sii began with the role of CRM business analyst working on a project carried out for Polkomtel in Warsaw. It just so happened, however, that my heart has led me to Poznań, where I said goodbye to Sii for a brief moment and took over the role of a corporate architect at a multimedia company. At the same time, Sii was undergoing intensive development, which included opening a branch in Poznań. An interesting opportunity arose, and after a short period of absence I returned to the company as the head of the local Presales & Delivery department.

As part of the project, I was responsible for implementation of CRM at Sii – a system which is now used by more than 170 users. The project was so highly acclaimed, that Gregoire Nitot gave me a chance: I was promoted to the position of CIO.

Katarzyna Domańska: What changes have been implemented with regard to internal IT at Sii over these past two years?


Michał Kopczyński: For the last two years, Sii has implemented a homogenous IT environment, based on the basic technological platforms: CRM, AX, SharePoint, Business Intelligence and MS SQL. Our architecture is supplemented by top integration solution – rail and platform for building IBM BPM business processes. Selecting these solutions has allowed us to implement a consistent and scalable solution that will let the IT systems expand with the development of the company. I assume that it will work even when Sii reaches 100 thousand people – of course, with parallel investments in infrastructure and the necessary licenses.

The second major change that has occurred in the last two years involved the reorganization and structuring of the IT department; we have organized and divided it into 3 competence areas: infrastructure,  applications development and end user support. In supporting the users, we apply the best practices based on ITIL. We have built a central line of user support, the so-called first line of support for more than 2,000 people at Sii. The Service Desk team, currently comprising seven people, operates from Sii’s Delivery Center in Lublin.

Implementation of Program Management was crucial for the IT department at Sii, as it enabled efficient implementation of business changes across all IT systems and their consistent implementation in the dedicated systems. In this, we use the Release Management processes. IT development process is based on SCRUM, with scaling technique (scrum of scrums), which synchronizes different IT teams.

Katarzyna Domańska: Development of internal IT is also relevant in the context of the company’s growth and daily operation of Sii. Does it have an impact on the development of services?


Michał Kopczyński: Of course. First of all, because internal implementations have greatly expanded our experience, allowing us to build implementation teams gathered around the competence centers, which started then commercial activity. Currently we have four joint technical teams, offering services to our Clients. These services include CRM, AX, Service Desk and Infrastructure practices. We are also working on developing our SharePoint team, which currently comprises ten people, including: developers, an architect, testers and a technical writer.

Katarzyna Domańska: How big is your team now and what is Internal IT department working on?


Michał Kopczyński: The entire internal IT department currently comprises 75 people and our implementation and maintenance budget fluctuates around 8 million PLN.

The  very last implementation is the launch of a new SiiPortal. This solution, based on the SharePoint platform, provides all users with a centralized location for collaboration, knowledge and documentation management. It is also serve as a window for all IT systems. This project marks the beginning of the process of automation of key global business processes – the first of which will involve the management of leave requests.

For now, it remains the main focus of Internal IT, but our roadmap is filled many projects you will most definitely hear about in the near future.

Katarzyna Domańska: We wish whole Internal IT good luck!


Sii Michal Kopczynski CIO

Michał Kopczyński, CIO

Career path:
  • CRM Business Analyst
  • Corporate Architect
  • Pre-sales & Delivery Director, Sii Poznań
  • CIO

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