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For ten years we have been providing support to our clients in managing key areas in the company. At Sii knowledge and experience merge into one – we have tested the MS Dynamics 365 system on ourselves!

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We employ the best practices and verified project management methods, adjusted to your requirements. Find out more about our implementation methodology.

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Our specialists, in cooperation with users, who on a daily basis work in Dynamics 365 system, created a number of solutions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Some of them are small changes, which, however, significantly improve the daily work.

Others have grown to the status of separate modules, allowing better use of the potential of Microsoft Dynamics resulting from the potential of the integration of processes and information flow in the company, and thus maximize the operational efficiency of the company.


  • The UCF – Unified Control File (pol. JPK) is a functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics AX, for the generation of the Unified Control File, according to the new tax regulations. Our solution is compatible with AX 4.0, 2009 and 2012. The application can appear as a separate module or positioned in a chosen place in the system, for example in the General Ledger.


    Our solution is characterized by:


    • Short deployment time – if the installation of the AX system in your company meets our functional assumptions, the launching of the module for the support of the UCF can be done relatively fast. If the AX system is modified to the extent that our functional assumptions do not include the entire data required in the UCF, our team of developers will adjust the application to these modifications.
    • Compatibility with AX: 4.0, 2009, 2012 – we support the most popular, currently used versions of the AX system, as well as legacy versions – we have prepared the application to support also the 2.5 version.
    • Flexibility – the application can be configured in various ways, giving the possibility of:
      • submitting any complementary data, according to the requirements of the legislator,
      • indicating an individual folder, to which the generated UCF files will be saved.
    • The Guarantee of data accuracy – it is impossible to save a UCF file in the XML format, without the previous verification by the user.
    • The possibility of browsing the history of generated files – you can open the file and a chosen element from the level of AX as well as in Excel whenever you want.

    ax jpk

    Read more more about the UCF functionality in the AX system on our blog.

  • DOCUMENT REGISTER is a Microsoft Dynamics AX module, which improves and brings order to the flow of incoming and outgoing correspondence in the company. At Sii we have significantly broadened the functionality scope offered in this module. Adjusted to our clients’ needs, the Document Register increases control over the document flow and payment processes, limits the possibility of making an error in the process of uploading documents to the system and thus improves the work of the administration and accounting departments. As a result the administration costs can be decreased.


    Except for registering received and sent documents, the Document Registration module in Dynamics AX enables:


    • Electronic cost acceptance
    • E-invoice handling
    • Handling of document scans
    • Flexible document parametrization – according to the client’s needs


    Our offer for you:

    • Organizing the correspondence by dividing the documents according to their type (accounting documents and non-accounting documents).
    • Creating payment proposals (including partial payments) for non-accounting documents (for example Pro forma invoices)
    • The possibility of linking documents one to the other (e.g. a pro forma invoice and an invoice).
    • Preliminary assignment of documents in multiple currencies with the control of gross/net amount compliance.
    • Improved work effectiveness of accounting department.
    • Built-in control mechanisms.
    • Built-in cost-sharing algorithms (by amount and percentage).
    • Document approval and acceptance workflow.
    • Efficient document registration in the AX system, based on e-mails or scans with attachments.
    • Verification of document properties during the importing process: name, date of creation, file size.
    • Generating a mailing list for Polish Post.
    • The option of creating shipping labels, based on a template.
    • Adapting the user access and view, according to the assigned roles.
    ax rejestr dokumentow
  • SiiCareer is an original IT system created by Sii dedicated to Career Offices at universities. This solution allows to comprehensively manage relationships with students, graduates and employers. SiiCareer consists of three interconnected components: Student Portal, Graduate Portal and Career Navigator. Their integration provides real-time access to data that are always up-to-date.


    What will you gain by implementing SiiCareer?

    • Automated flow of information between students, graduates and employers.
    • Optimized recruitment process for both employers and candidates − with job search algorithm.
    • Efficient planning of activities within Career Offices, for example scheduling career counselling meetings.
    • Support for promotional activities, e.g. sending mailings to employers and business partners.
    • Support in building positive relationships with candidates, students, employers and other stakeholders.
    • Support in determining the direction of development of colleges and majors offered with data on the skills that are the most sought after in the labour market.
    • Dynamic reports on students, graduates and employers, updated in real time.

    In addition to Career Offices, SiiCareer also supports other processes at the university including:

    • Administrative support for students.
    • Support for teaching staff.
    • Planning classes.
    • Granting financial support.

    Creating a solution based on Dynamics 365 gives you large scalability − SiiCareer it suitable for both small and large universities as it easily integrates with the existing systems. It can be embedded in the university’s website or function as an external website.

  • DAXCEL is an easy to use add-on to Microsoft Excel, enabling building reports and analyzing data from the Dynamics AX data base. It works similarly to Excel, by employing functions,  which can be divided into scalar functions (returning one value in the cell) and array functions (returning a series of data from AX). The unquestionable advantages of DAXCEL include:


    • A wide range of data, including the transactions of the general ledger as well as of other modules (settlements with recipients/ suppliers, fixed assets, budgeting, warehouses, stock management, etc.).
    • Easy optimization of return time of updated data, thanks to 3 kinds of refreshing (the entire spreadsheet, a single sheet or a selection).

    Our offer for you

    • Excel – reporting in Microsoft Excel using all its features – standard functions, charts, pivot tables, conditional functions, etc.
    • A system easy to use – the DAXCEL logics is based on the Excel functions. Data from Dynamics AX can be based on the values from an Excel spreadsheet, so you can quickly change the parameters, for example the dates and analyze data from different time or perspectives or using different dimensions.
    • Array and scalar functions – more than 100 features for the general ledger and many functions for the other modules (their number is constantly growing).
    • Refreshing important data – the shortest data refreshing time, compared with other reporting tools.
    • Data scope – using transaction from the general ledger and analytics (other modules).
    • Data Analysis – supporting financial and warehouse dimensions for the purpose of multidimensional data analysis.
    ax daxcel
  • HOMEBANKING is a form of electronic banking, enabling direct and fast contact of the customer with the bank, through a dedicated platform, supporting outgoing and incoming payments. The Microsoft Dynamics AX platform supporting Homebanking is indirectly integrated with the Document Register module. Thanks to this improvement our clients can generate their payments directly from the Document Register. Homebanking in AX enables the generation of a file for payment in the AX system, and afterwards processing it in the bank using a dedicated platform.


    The advantages of our original proprietary Homebanking module is its versatility, flexibility as well as a high level of process automation which significantly improves the payment system in the company, thanks to:


    • The integration with different platforms supporting Homebanking
    • The integration with the Document Register
    • Automated payment settling
    • The possibility of making overall, partial or combined payments (ex. payment in advance + invoice)


    Our offer for you:

    • Outgoing payments – payments can be generated from AX and processed further on from the level of the bank statement.
    • Incoming payments – incoming payments are subject to the mechanism of selecting the adequate recipient (customer) on the bank statement.
    • Automation – with the system supporting operations related to payments, the user only plays the role of the auditor.
    • User friendly bank – the possibility of adjusting the system to every platform supporting Homebanking of any given bank.
    • All document types – payment processing for both accounting and non-accounting documents
    • Document Register – integration with our solution in the scope of document processing (Document Register).
    • Payment settlement – settling payments for several documents, for example advance payment and invoice.
    ax homebanking
  • Split Payment is a new payment method into VAT settlements, introducing from January 2018. After entering this settlement method, the invoice will be distributed to the net amount, paid by the buyer, to the current supplier account and the amount of VAT to be paid on the VAT bank account.


    Our offer for you


    Sii has a ready solution in the form of Split Payment modifications in Dynamics AX 2012 and D365. Modification is started for the selected supplier or recipient by using a parameter that can be switched on or off at any time. As a result of the inclusion of the parameter in the system, the automatic posting of the liability to the supplier will be made net and VAT at the time of posting the purchase invoice. In addition, two bank accounts will be added to the sales invoice – one for the net amount and the other for the VAT payment.

  • UCF for AX

  • Document register

  • SiiCareer

  • Daxcel

  • Homebanking

  • Split Payment

Sii strengths

  1. 100+ certified experts in MS Dynamics 365. Developers, architects and consultants with a passion to provide the needed solutions.
  2. 55+ projects in the area of AX, CRM and Dynamics 365 carried out in Poland and abroad.
  3. Experts in MS Dynamics 365 available in 10 major IT centers in Poland.
  4. 365 Offer − comprehensive technical and business support for your company in the field of implementation of projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and complementary technologies such as Office 365, Azure, or BI.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides comprehensive business solutions in the field of CRM and ERP by combining them into one system based on cloud solutions. The integrated application system supports your business in key areas.

Our consultants specialize in the implementation of individual industry modules, so that, in addition to knowledge of Dynamics 365, they also have in-depth industry and business knowledge, which is a great added value during the implementation, including the ability to integrate Dynamics 365 with other systems commonly used in enterprises supported by a wealth of experience. See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports companies in the sectors:

    • Just like business, educational institutions must continually seek new ways to control costs and increase efficiency, focusing on providing the best customer service. With the increasing need to recruit more and more students and limited resources, educational institutions seek to streamline and optimize their business processes and make use of the latest technology. Dynamics 365 platform offers a wide range of business applications in order to comprehensively meet the needs of today’s educational environment.
    • The platform allows you to manage multiple areas, such as development of corporate needs, serving graduates, administrative service and management of relationships with students, receipt and recording documents, asset management, financial management, marketing and business processes.
    • The Dynamics 365 platform forms the basis for a solution dedicated to support Career Offices at universities, but Dynamics 365 works comprehensively in improving processes of educational institutions such as: financial services for students in the records of payments, monitoring accounts receivable, granting financial support, execution and settlement of apprenticeships and internships, recruitment and serving candidates, scheduling classes. Student’s 360-degrees view is a key tool to support strategic decision-making at universities.
    • Customer relationship management and the management of projects implemented are key areas for the professional services sector. Extremely important is also suitable cost control of projects, provision of resources for their implementation and their completion in accordance with the expected results. Dynamics 365 combines the benefits of advanced CRM and ERP solutions, responding to all the challenges of the industry. Support in the area of customer relationship management is provided by Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.
    • Effective project management can be implemented either by using Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation as well as the functionality Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The platform provides support in project management with accounting services, budgeting projects, recognizing the cost of projects in time, planned budget control and the appropriate allocation of resources to projects.
    • In Sii we use the full potential of Dynamics 365 for Professional Services, from contact management and customer relationship management through sales up to the stages of management, execution and settlement of projects. Our personal experience allows us to more effectively implement and improve design processes based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for our clients.
    • Companies that process huge amounts of information, such as distribution and retail companies, require appropriate tools and business solutions to manage processes within the organization. Market conditions require companies to respond quickly to changing consumer needs and high availability of goods offered by them. Microsoft Dynamics 365 responds to all these needs.
    • The platform supports areas such as warehouse and supply chain, product, price list, supplier, promotion and shop (POS) management as well as eCommerce. Dynamics 365 allows you to fully manage the information flow within the organization and also gives you access to both advanced business and financial analytics.
    • The use of Dynamics 365 in the Cloud model and access to the solution through the browser is also a quick and easy way to distribute tools within the organization and provides the scalability and security of stored information. Our industry knowledge and experience in implementations for clients in the retail and distribution industry allow us to match the best solutions to your business.
    • Transport and logistics are two areas that for proper operation require fast access to data and information in virtually any location. Ideally such access is possible from any type of device. For this purpose it is necessary to support processes with an appropriate IT system. Connection of devices in a single network allowing for automatic communication between devices in real time is one of the challenges of modern logistics and the concept of industry 4.0.
    • Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution for optimal performance. With modules designed for specific processes, roles and industries the system allows to optimize order processing and reduce costs by synchronizing transactions between plants, warehouses and means of transport.
    • Our experience in building advanced logistics solutions allows the use of elements of the SCM system such as WMS, mobile devices, packaging and label management, and many others.
    • A challenge faced by a production company today is to use the concept of industry 4.0. The main elements of this concept are technological solutions such as industry Internet of things, cooperating robots and autonomous robots, data analysis, data processing by means of clouds or expanded and virtual reality.
    • With Dynamics 365 we can provide your company with automatic flow of information and data between manufacturing and business systems, connect intelligent sensors and mobile devices. Modern Dynamics is available as a service (SaaS) that provides users the ability to connect to cloud-based applications via the Internet.
    • As a Microsoft partner we have experience supported with reference implementations in manufacturing companies that use modern technologies to support business development. Our clients are companies utilizing a complete MRP loop, BOMs, routes, manufacturing cells and planning based on current orders and forecasts.
    • In the modern model of strategic management knowledge about customers is crucial. The challenge is to provide every customer with what is expected – secure access to financial and at the same time fast and personalized service.
    • Dynamics 365 platform unifies CRM and ERP in a cloud-based application, helping to drive sales and supporting customer service, field service, operations, finance, marketing and automation of design services. It facilitates the management of the entire customer life cycle.
    • Customer’s 360-degree view effectively supports strategic decision-making in the field of developing the organization, building competitive advantage and positive customer experience.
    • As a company we have experience in the implementation of both Dynamics ERP and CRM for key banks in the Polish and European market, so we know very well the requirements and challenges of the financial industry.
  • Education

  • Professional Services

  • Distribution and retail

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Finance

Sii strengths

  1. 100+ certified experts in MS Dynamics 365. Developers, architects and consultants with a passion to provide the needed solutions.
  2. 55+ projects in the area of AX, CRM and Dynamics 365 carried out in Poland and abroad.
  3. Experts in MS Dynamics 365 available in 10 major IT centers in Poland.
  4. 365 Offer − comprehensive technical and business support for your company in the field of implementation of projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and complementary technologies such as Office 365, Azure, or BI.

Sii implementation methodology

The selection of appropriate project implementation methods is crucial in the context of achieving the Client’s business objectives. Sii team carries out projects in one of two approaches: classic Waterfall and Agile.

Each time, at the stage of diagnosis and project preparation, we analyze the reasons which determine the choice of an optimal approach and present the proposed approach to the client explaining why thanks to it the achievement of the objectives will be the least risky.

d365 metodyka wdrozenia graf en

Sii strengths

  1. 100+ certified experts in MS Dynamics 365. Developers, architects and consultants with a passion to provide the needed solutions.
  2. 55+ projects in the area of AX, CRM and Dynamics 365 carried out in Poland and abroad.
  3. Experts in MS Dynamics 365 available in 10 major IT centers in Poland.
  4. 365 Offer − comprehensive technical and business support for your company in the field of implementation of projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and complementary technologies such as Office 365, Azure, or BI.

Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP and CRM functionalities in one platform? Find out which business area you can streamline and optimize with the Dynamics 365 platform:

d365 graf 1

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new generation business platform providing advanced management of the strategic areas in an enterprise by combining the possibilities of Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. This new approach gives a complete picture of business processes and allows for quick decision-making based on key data available from now in one solution. In addition, the cloud-based operation of the application can reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve data security in your company.

d365 graf 2


d365 szyty na miare

Tailored to your needs

Start with the applications you need and adapt the system to the processes in your company. From production and distribution through finance, sales to marketing and human resource management. Dynamics 365 supports all strategic areas of your business.

d365 zwieksza produktywnosc

Increases productivity of your company

With Dynamics 365 you can integrate processes from different platforms like Power BI or Office365. Integrated processes, a consistent cloud-based system and application that you already know will help you facilitate and streamline the processes in your company.

d365 analizuje dane

Analyzes data based on built-in intelligence

Dynamics 365 not only allows you to analyze the processes in your company, but also to predict and schedule the next steps, yielding optimal and excellent results. Dynamics 365 uses AI and Microsoft Cloud platform to give you insight into forecasts and analyses that will help you to make the right decisions.

d365 tempo rozwoju

Matching the pace of development of your business

You can easily extend the system with new modules and application and flexibly adjust it to your company needs. Dynamics 365 allows you to gradually migrate to the cloud and gives you an easy access to Microsoft app center so you are always up to date with the newest solutions.

Sii strengths

  1. 100+ certified experts in MS Dynamics 365. Developers, architects and consultants with a passion to provide the needed solutions.
  2. 55+ projects in the area of AX, CRM and Dynamics 365 carried out in Poland and abroad.
  3. Experts in MS Dynamics 365 available in 10 major IT centers in Poland.
  4. 365 Offer − comprehensive technical and business support for your company in the field of implementation of projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and complementary technologies such as Office 365, Azure, or BI.

Dynamics 365 team in Sii consists of nearly 100 specialists. Our consultants, architects, developers and testers have gained experience in working on implementation and maintenance projects for Dynamics AX, CRM and 365 in Poland and abroad. We work with people with over 10 years experience in the industry, allowing us to offer a unique combination of business acumen and technology.

Our strength is competence which enables the implementation of complex projects with the solutions such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Power BI, Office 365, which perfectly complement the organization. This extensive offer provides comprehensive service in every area of your business operations. We will provide you with effective solutions ensuring the highest quality services at every stage of our cooperation.



We comprehensively implement Dynamics 365. We have experienced experts in areas such as finance, production, projects, WMS, CRM, logistics, retail, who can not only implement the system, but will also advise how to change and optimize business processes in your organization. The implementation service includes detailing of requirements, analysis, process modelling, development, integration and training in the use of the system.

Maintenance and development

Do you use in your business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and want to expand them with new functionalities? In addition to comprehensive implementation we also offer the service of development and expansion of Dynamics 365 with any modules. We also offer the service of maintenance and development of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our support is error handling and ensuring stability of the system, e-mail and telephone consultations, support for your employees in the current work and extension of the currently used system with new functionalities.

Outsourcing/Team leasing

The Dynamics 365 team consists of 100 developers, architects, consultants and testers who are willing to support your company. We can designate a single specialist who will join the team in your company or deploy a dedicated team of specialists in Dynamics 365. The model of cooperation depends on the customer’s needs.


We provide system updates for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics. Before upgrading we will conduct an audit of functional coverage, adapt modifications to the latest version of the system, help in the migration of data, train and give support to your employees. We will make sure that your company is up to date with all the new solutions that Microsoft offers.


If your company has a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics and would like to improve its efficiency, optimize the use of the license, verify the quality of implementation, use our audit services, through which we will be able to offer better solutions in the area of Microsoft Dynamics.


The experience of our consultants and their coaching skills allow us to carry out both technical and business training. We conduct both dedicated training in the area indicated by the customer or on the basis of the scope recommended by Microsoft in a given functional area.

Sii strengths

  1. 100+ certified experts in MS Dynamics 365. Developers, architects and consultants with a passion to provide the needed solutions.
  2. 55+ projects in the area of AX, CRM and Dynamics 365 carried out in Poland and abroad.
  3. Experts in MS Dynamics 365 available in 10 major IT centers in Poland.
  4. 365 Offer − comprehensive technical and business support for your company in the field of implementation of projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and complementary technologies such as Office 365, Azure, or BI.

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