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Better user experience and completely new design – the new Sii Poland website is now online!

Sii Poland has launched a new website, which nearly 60 experts have worked on over the past year. A more functional menu that facilitates navigation on the site, a new approach to the offer presentation, several functionalities streamlining the search process and applying for job offers, as well as a completely new graphic design, are the main features of the project. The introduced changes resulted in an improved candidate and user experience – now in just a few clicks a user can start the recruitment process or find the right offer’s page.

The new Sii Poland website is not only an aesthetic and modern tool for building a professional image of the company online, it is above all a wide range of functionalities improving the process of searching job offers and applying, facilitating contact with the company, as well as enabling quick and intuitive navigation on the offer pages, testimonials and current news. All this to even more effectively attract new clients, employees or training participants.

– We are developing very dynamically, which is why we wanted the new website not only to be part of building a positive image of the company or a source of information about Sii, but above all to meet the expectations of our clients and candidates in terms of functionality. The goal was simple: only a few mouse clicks were to divide the user from becoming our business partner or employee – says Michał Rydz, Deputy Head of Marketing and Sales Support at Sii Poland.

The final shape of the project is the result of a well-coordinated team of nearly 60 experts with different specializations, from people defining business needs through a creative team working on a new graphic design and content for the site, to a full cross-section of technical specialists: architects, analysts, UX designers, testers and developers specializing in JavaScript, React.js, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML 5 and CSS 3. Thanks to their solutions, the company not only optimized and improved all aspects related to User Experience, but also gained fuller integration with other systems, which in practice means increasing the level of automation of the data collection process or lead generation, through a special solution that links all forms on the website with the CRM system. The high engagement of Sii employees in each stage of work was crucial for the success of this complex project.

– Our site is a very comprehensive solution which is a gateway to strategic processes in the company. Therefore, we created an interdisciplinary team to work on this project, which designed and implemented all the necessary functionalities. Only from the Internal IT area, the project involved web, CRM, and SharePoint developers, specialists from the infrastructure department, as well as the integration team – says Michał Kopczyński, Chief Information Officer at Sii Poland.

Creating a new website required perfect organization and project management. The work lasted over a year and was carried out using Agile – a management methodology that guaranteed maximum flexibility in the use of available resources and time in the face of changing business requirements.

– The biggest challenge in the project was the dynamics of business requirements, which evolved along with the project and subsequent stages of delivery. Although it is not easy to manage it in such a way as to maintain consistency in the project and meet the deadline, it has been achieved thanks to the close and efficient cooperation of the entire team, very good communication between IT and business, and thanks to extensive experience of, among others, IT Project Manager and the web team leader – says Izabela Izdebska-Gorgól, Power User at Sii Poland.

The new Sii website is already online, but the company is already planning further work on improving candidate and user experience, adding new marketing functionalities, as well as improving search engine mechanisms.

We have extensive experience in the field of e-commerce and user experience (UX). Find out how our experts can develop your business – contact us via the dedicated form on our new website.

The most important changes on the new website:

  • more intuitive navigation
  • fuller website integration with other Sii systems
  • new way of presenting the offer, testimonials and news
  • improved job search engine
  • new trainings search engine
  • new, candidate-friendly layout of the job offer
  • fast application path
  • modern design

Watch the video!

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