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IT in the heart of Szczecin! Sii’s West Pomeranian branch with new office 

Sii Szczecin, one of the 16 branches of Sii Poland, has relocated to a modern office in the city’s heart. The move is proof of the company’s success, the branch’s dynamic growth, and its commitment to creating a workspace that meets the needs of its teams. From innovative technology solutions to unique employee initiatives — discover how Sii is shaping the future of the technology industry in Poland. 

A brief history 

Among technology companies in Poland, Sii stands out as the largest vendor of technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO, and engineering services. Sii Poland’s experts collaborate with top companies in Poland and worldwide and support the growth of various industries, including automotive, banking, medicine, retail, and more. 

Opening a branch in Szczecin in June 2022 was another step in the company’s expansion.   

— Szczecin is the capital of the West Pomeranian region and one of the largest economic centers in northern Poland — says Agnieszka Haracz, Regional Manager of Sii Szczecin. —The IT industry in the city is constantly developing. I’m proud that we are part of these changes. Our employees are qualified experts and a very close-knit team. The new office is a thank you for the amazing results of their work and development. I must also emphasize that the move to the recently renovated office is a joint effort of many people, and I thank them all very much — she adds. 

Continuous development 

The move to the new office was the result not only of a 130% increase in the number of Sii Szczecin specialists in just a year but also a response to the team’s needs. The branch’s employees enjoy the events that regularly take place in the office and need more space to integrate and spend free time together.   

— Our new office is situated at 1B/111 Storrady St., on the first floor of the Elektrownia Building: Storrady Park Offices, and offers almost 700 m² of modern office space. — continues Agnieszka Haracz. — We have provided our Workers with comfortable and cozy project rooms, a playroom, a focus room, a kitchen with a dining area, and a laboratory for embedded systems. All this with their satisfaction and enjoyment in mind — she concludes. 

Additionally, the new office building offers car and bicycle parking for Workers and guests, as well as plenty of nearby restaurants and service centers. 

The culmination of the last intensive months was a September “housewarming party” combined with a CEO Meet-up with Gregoire Nitot, CEO and founder of Sii Poland. During the event, our Workers and guests had the opportunity to explore our new office, gain insight into our development plans and goals for the coming months, and integrate until late in the evening. 

Building the future  

Sii Szczecin is a team of over 80 experts working on various projects for Sii’s clients. They’re primarily C++, C Embedded, and Autosar Developers, but also Java, ETL, .Net, JavaScript, and Sharepoint Developers, Testers, System Administrators, Analysts, Project Managers, UX/UI Designers, and Consultants who build solutions that are important to international users.   

— Modern hearing aid technology significantly improves the quality of life for those with hearing impairments. — says Adrian Stramski, Consultant at Sii Poland. — Our team develops solutions enabling wireless connection with tablets or TVs. One particularly innovative technology they’re working on is Bluetooth Auracast, which allows simultaneous connection to multiple devices, significantly enhancing the listening experience. Our goal isn’t only to improve quality of life but also to help users integrate with the modern digital world. We believe that the future of hearing aids will bring even more innovations, and we’ll be part of them — he adds. 

Protecting people’s lives 

The safety and lives of workers in hazardous jobs depend on Sii Szczecin’s experts. 

— My team is currently involved in a key project focused on improving existing solutions in the area of Safety — says Mateusz Jaguszewski, Software Engineer at Sii Poland. — We specialize in gas detection. Precision and reliability are critical in this field, as any mistake can have severe consequences. The devices we’re working on are used in many key sectors. They are vital for firefighters and miners, as well as in other high-risk areas. We strive to ensure that users trust our products completely, knowing they can rely on their effectiveness in critical situations. — he concludes. 

The branch is steadily expanding, and there’s a plan to exceed 100 specialists in the coming months. Among the most sought-after profiles are Embedded Specialists with skills in C++, Autosar, and C/Embedded, as well as Front-end Developers, Java, .NET, Dynamics 365 Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Scrum Masters. 

Sii prioritizes both branches’ and employees’ growth and development. In 2023, the company increased its training budget by 300%. The Mentoring and Buddy programs also thrive, supporting the exchange of knowledge and experience. Furthermore, Sii allocates up to PLN 1 million annually to develop Workers’ passions and support for volunteer actions organized on behalf of the Power Volunteers Program.   

Take a look at our current job offers, join our team of skilled specialists at Sii Szczecin, and let’s create the best workspace together! 

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