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IT@Bank – Sii among the best IT services providers for the banking sector.

On November 21st the IT@Bank conference – the biggest conference dedicated to IT and banking technology took place. During the conference the winners of the ranking of the best IT companies providing services to banks were awarded. Sii was ranked among the best in several categories.

Each year the conference gathers decision makers in charge of IT in banks, insurance companies, savings banks and technological companies. The organizer of the Conference is the editor of the financial magazine BANK along with the Electronic Banking Committee and Banking Technology Forum. During the event the latest technologies used in bank IT were presented. The Conference is one of the most important industry events in Poland and each year brings together several hundred experts from the area of IT, Finance and representatives of the world of science.

Sii among the best IT companies providing services to banks

An important part of the IT@Bank conference is the award gala of the ranking of the BANK Financial Monthly. The ranking is a summary of the best IT companies working for commercial and cooperative banks. In this year’s edition Sii Poland was ranked very high in several categories.
In the general ranking the company was ranked 4th. It was also on the podium in sub-rankings: in the category of development potential and efficiency. In the first category two factors were taken into account – expenses for research and development compared to the income and the dynamics of the income and its growth.
In the ranking evaluating effectivity, three elements were measured – net profitability, income per client and absolute net profit. In this category Sii came in third, yet the differences between the third and first position were minimal.
Sii was also ranked high among IT integrators and software providers.

You will find more information about the ranking and the participants in the latest issue of the BANK monthly. More information about the conference is available on the website of the event.


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