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Meet Siimification: an innovative program that rewards employee engagement at Sii Poland!

Nowadays, more and more companies realize that engaged employees are a key factor in organizational success. Equally important is their satisfaction, which is one of Sii’s five key goals. To foster both engagement and employee satisfaction, Sii has introduced an innovative program called Siimification. This program is designed to reward and recognize employees for their involvement in various activities beyond their daily professional duties. 

This is how it started  

The Simification Program was launched in April 2023, initiated by Sii CEO Gregoire Nitot. The CEO and founder of Sii Poland has always believed that employees are a company’s most valuable asset, and their engagement holds great importance in building a positive atmosphere and a strong team. 

Gregoire Nitot is the mastermind behind the Siimification program, which I am very proud and happy to be a part of. This program is a real tribute to committed, enthusiastic and self-initiated Power People. Siimification involves earning virtual badges for participation in selected activities. Among other things, we reward volunteers, people who recommend friends to work at Sii, who represent our organization in sports events, or who are part of the Buddy program, dedicated to new employees. There are even more rewarded activities, and the list is constantly growing. Many ideas for new badges come from the company’s employees themselves says Aleksandra Malinowska, Process Owner at Sii Poland. 

What is the program about? 

Siimification focuses on awarding virtual badges to employees who engage in non-work activities. These badges are visible on the company’s internal portal and on a dedicated page where employees can track their progress and achievements. The badges awarded cover various categories, such as Sii communities, sports, personal development, and CSR. 

Siimification is certainly a fun and motivating activity for all people who exhibit ambition, fighting spirit, commitment and a desire for healthy competition. Since the badges that Sii employees can earn cover a variety of activity categories, we are sure that all Power People will find something for themselves in this program  says Izabela Żmuda, Associate Internal IT Project Manager at Sii Poland. 

All Sii Poland employees, regardless of age, gender, position or seniority, can participate in the program. 

Join the competition for the best! 

Siimification offers numerous benefits to employees that can inspire them to actively participate in activities beyond their regular job duties. Here are some of them: 

  1. Recognition and appreciation: the awarding of virtual badges in the Siimification program is a clear distinction for employees who engage in extracurricular activities. It confirms their dedication and contribution to the organization’s community. For many employees, receiving a badge represents pride and satisfaction in their own achievements. 
  1. Additional motivation: the program serves as a source of motivation. Awarding badges encourages employees to willingly engage in additional activities, and the spirit of positive competition inherent in Siimification motivates them to surpass previous records and achieve new accomplishments. 
  1. Gaining new skills: engaging in various social, sports, or charitable activities outside of work provides employees with the opportunity to develop new skills and socialize. This can include time management, teamwork skills, leadership skills, interpersonal communication and more. Siimification provides an opportunity to develop in various areas and broaden horizons. 
  1. Having fun: the program is meant to provide enjoyment, influence positive team relations and build bonds among employees. 
Watch the video and discover all the benefits of the program:  

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