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Meet the Sii Atlassian Competency Center – a European game changer in the Atlassian ecosystem

The business has been transforming for more than a dozen years, resulting in an increasing emphasis on agile methodologies. Sii Poland is a leader in Atlassian tools and agile approaches, and our Atlassian Competency Center is winning more major clients.

It’s difficult to find a person who hasn’t heard about Atlassian’s solutions. Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and several other applications that make up this product family, have been used for over 20 years by the world’s largest companies, startups, private companies, and public institutions. We’ve also been using them at Sii for many years now.

Strategic partnerships and qualified experts as the key to success

– While at the core of any organization there are surely skilled employees and properly designed processes, even the best mission and strategy need to be operationalized – explains Maciej Szostek, Agile & Atlassian Competency Center Manager at Sii. – This means that, at minimum, they should be planned and monitored with the right set of tools. This is one of our key lessons learned from process consulting, especially agile transformation – he adds.

Based on this expertise, we established 18 technological Competency Centers at Sii, one of which is dedicated to Atlassian solutions. For years, Sii has relied on the first-rate Atlassian tools, which is why we quickly achieved the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner status thanks to our technical and hands-on approach. Currently, the Atlassian Competency Center is a platinum partner in Poland, Sweden, and recently also in Ukraine.

Experienced and certified experts at the Atlassian Competency Center (Atlassian CC) also gained their knowledge through working with companies in the financial, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and public sectors in various markets. We support our clients by implementing solutions for project management (PPM), IT service management systems, and business process implementations.

In addition, we share with our clients the experience of how to achieve a competitive advantage in the market and optimize processes in the organization with Atlassian tools. As an entire company, Sii operates globally – now even more than ever, remotely adapting to the preferences of our clients. You can surely count on our employees locally in Poland, but also Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Partnerships other than Atlassian, such as Scaled Agile Inc. and BigPicture, make Sii more than just a solid technology partner, as we are also well-versed in the business area. A deep understanding of the processes in our clients’ companies makes Sii an expert in scaled Agile, using recognized frameworks like SAFe.

A friend with an expert approach – consulting and implementation

At the Atlassian CC, we often encounter a situation when a fast-growing company didn’t have the time to scale and optimize the used tools properly, making it inefficient to work with them, and as expected. Jira or Confluence instances, initially used for internal needs and secured within the corporate infrastructure, were made available on the network to be used remotely by employees or clients, without ensuring an appropriate level of security.

We know these and many other challenges reported by our clients inside out. As a well-seasoned Atlassian Partner, we provide consulting services covering audits, advisory services, and preparation of an optimization plan for a given organization’s new ecosystem.

We carry out comprehensive end-to-end implementations of Atlassian-based solutions, both for the company’s own needs and commercial applications. Consider one of the most popular products – Jira. It has a really strong IT connotation but it’s a much more powerful tool. Atlassian successfully supports non-IT departments and business process automation. Electronic document flow in administration, absence requests in HR, or a self-service portal for students as part of a dedicated intranet are just examples of the successful implementations of Atlassian products for our clients.

Daily operations under control and migration to the cloud

Nowadays, with a dynamically developing market, the challenge is to ensure that there is enough capacity to properly maintain and develop the tools you have. A certain efficiency cannot be achieved without knowledge and experience. This is also the situation in which Sii comes to the aid of its clients.

The Atlassian CC takes over partially or fully the solutions owned by the client for maintenance and development. Thanks to this, they can rest easy knowing that their data and technology are always safe and ready to build the company’s success every day. We provide comprehensive support within the client’s organization or take over only a separate part – it all depends on the client’s needs.

In line with the market trend of recent years, the Atlassian CC is also highly competent in cloud solutions as this is what we recommend to our clients. As a result, our customers don’t need to think about hardware or network infrastructure issues, the need for system security, or upgrading to the newer version.

Sii Poland pioneered migrating the Atlassian technology stack from on-premise to the cloud years back, which is why we specialize in cloud migrations today. Shortly after Atlassian Cloud entered the market, we were the first in Europe and one of the few in the world to successfully migrate to the cloud for one of our customers. Recently, we have also performed cloud-to-cloud migration for the same client. In both cases, the success was possible thanks to the involvement of high-class specialists from our CC, but also our close collaboration with Atlassian teams.

A comprehensive approach to customer support

Training is an inseparable part of our customer support, regardless of the scope or formula. Whether it is part of the implementation, aimed at increasing the seniority of administration teams, or intended to improve the effectiveness of the use of tools by end users, it is always tailored to the client’s needs and realities. Training can be only practical, or it can also prepare for certification.

As part of each cooperation model, we also handle the licensing of Atlassian products to our clients. Irrespective of the hosting model, every company faces challenges in optimizing the use of existing licenses and planning the purchase of new ones, not only for the first time but also when the subscription needs to be extended.

Renew what we have or buy more are frequent doubts that we help to resolve by explaining the licensing model and rules and, and help build the best licensing strategy. We also help clients manage unused licenses. Implementing the right plan regarding monitoring license use at the company-wide level can bring surprisingly positive benefits.

Challenging projects for meaningful players

Arion Bank is Iceland’s leading banking franchise, in operation since the 1930s, with a 30% market share in the country’s current account market. The Atlassian CC won the opportunity to design and implement an internal ITSM system to manage the organization’s processes.

The client wanted a dedicated solution, without having to use an external system, which was problematic. The main goal was to centralize and standardize the Jira Service Management tool, performed by Sii Poland specialists by best practices.

Effects? Complete customer satisfaction as a result of the following:

  • Obtaining a centralized tool for internal processes and a dedicated collaboration platform, giving greater personalization capabilities.
  • Implementation of critical incident management processes, enabling faster response to problems in the bank.
  • Automation of internal processes, performed by Sii experts to streamline work.
  • Autonomizing process handling from external systems, providing greater customer convenience.
Atlassian Competency Center – a partner you can trust

Atlassian recommends its clients cooperate with certified Atlassian Solution Partners. Such cooperation ensures security and optimal use of the Atlassian environment. With ongoing training, certifications, specializations, experience from a wide range of complex projects, and keeping up with the latest solutions, the Sii Atlassian Competency Center is a strategic choice for companies looking to gain or maintain a leadership position in their market area through the proper use of tools to execute business processes.

Discover the offer of the Atlassian Competence Center or check our job openings and join us.

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