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Michał Kopczyński, CIO at Sii, at the IT Team Management Conference

A team of specialists is crucial for the success of every company. This is particularly true on the ever so competitive IT market, on which finding people, with  adequate skills, adapted to the constantly changing and growing requirements of the customers is already a challenge, effective management and making them stay with the company  – an even bigger one.

The „IT team management”  Computerworld conference, which will take place between January 23-25, 2016 in Warsaw, during which leaders in the IT and HR sectors are going to share their experiences on recruiting IT specialists, effective team management and ways to keep IT specialists in the company for longer, couldn’t run short of Sii.

On the first day of the conference, during the session: „Motivation in diverse projects and teams“, CIO at Sii, Michał Kopczyński will talk about the dynamics of an IT project team and on managing it in an effective manner.

Michał Kopczyński, responsible for the entire Internal IT at Sii, took care i.a. of the company’s internal transformation, which due to its dynamic development, an increase in the number of employees and a constant expansion of the services offered,  was in need of a growing number of complex IT systems. In only several years the IT team, composed of around a dozen people, has expanded to over a 100 specialists. This enabled Sii the implementation of a complex architecture consisting of MS Dynamics CRM, MS Dynamics AX, IBM and BPM. It also includes MS SQL reporting, as well as tools designed for knowledge exchange and collaboration, based on the SharePoint platform.

If you are interested in topics such as IT specialist team management, its dynamics or the aspects of selecting and motivating specialists with diverse professional experience, we invite you to listen to the lecture of Michał Kopczyński!

III Computerworld Conference – IT Team Management  

Date: 23-25 January 2016

Time : 9:00-17:00

Place: Regent Warsaw Hotel, 23 Belwederska street, Warszawa

The lecture of Michał Kopczyńskiego titled: „The Dynamics of a Project Team. How to Effectively manage an IT team in adverse conditions?” will take place on January 23 at 3:30 p.m.

You can read more about Michał Kopczyński and Internal IT in the Interview with Michał Kopczyński, CIO at Sii, on the Sii Press Room.

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