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Poland’s digitization together with Sii

On the 8th of June 2017 Sii  has signed with the Center of Information Technology (COI), a framework agreement for the provision of comprehensive services in the area of human resources provision for IT.  

COI in an unlimited tender has chosen 5 providers, who will provide resources for the execution of work connected with the computerization of the country. Engineers engaged in the execution of the contract for COI, will take part in projects significantly increasing the level of digitization of Poland, such as: CEPIK 2.0,  further development of digital services (e-services) and eDocuments. They will also be involved in the building and development of big public registers (e.g. The Central Register of Passport Documents).

The competitive advantages of Sii were, among others:  a wide base of testers and programmers and a big team of highly qualified recruitment specialists. According to the procedure, the company is ready to provide specialists with 20 different profiles, for a total of over 746 working hours in 3 years. The total value of the contract amounts for more than 116 M PLN gross.

The agreement with COI is another agreement on the path to a bigger engagement of Sii in projects for clients from the Public sector. Currently Sii provides services, among others, for the Ministry of Justice, the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport and public utility companies. With great success Sii provides services in  cooperation models convenient for the clients. It carries out fix-price projects – taking a full responsibility for every element of the execution. It also provides body and team leasing services (it is for this kind of services that the agreements with COI were signed), as well as advisory and consulting services  (e.g. managing the client’s projects). Sii is ready to support the development of the Polish digitization on a wide scale.


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