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“Power People” – Sii’s mission put into practice

Power People is Sii’s mission that, together with company’s objectives and values, defines its organizational culture. It is a phrase representing one of Sii’s main objectives, which is identifying and promoting the best people. The question is what it means and how it influences the reality. We show it on particular examples.

For many years now Sii has been one of the most dynamically developing IT and engineering companies in Poland, also in terms of the growth of employment. At the moment, the company cooperates with almost 3 800 experts that helped Sii gain the Great Place to Work title for the fourth time last year. A randomly chosen group of employees provided their feedback regarding the company in a special survey verifying their work satisfaction. In addition, the company was also awarded the title of the Best Workplace in Europe.

What makes employees value Sii that much? There are many reasons for that but one of the most important ones is the possibility for development within the company. From April to September 2018, 238 people changed their job position, thanks to a vertical and horizontal promotion as well as due to their seniority. This means that 81 experts were given the senior title, 63 people decided to move to a different area and 94 people moved up the ladder within their departments. If the trend continues, over 16% of Sii’s team will have been promoted by the end of March.

I believe that most likely the number will be higher than that – says Joanna Kucharska, CHRO at Sii. – During autumn, we all look for additional motivation for working on our professional development despite being less positive and the days getting shorter and shorter. Everyone is full of positive energy after being able to wind down during vacation, and focus on their careers. This year, Sii decided to add to the trend by promoting the internal Job Changer application that fosters development by enabling project change. We are constantly working on encouraging people to use this unique tool, and that is why we present it from engineer’s and manager’s point of view. As a result, we receive more project change requests, which, in turn, is going to influence and re-build many teams, and that will definitely boost the number of vertical and horizontal promotions. I hope that we will have a very creative and development-driven autumn and winter! – she adds.

63 horizontal promotions constitute 26% of all promotions that happened this fiscal year. Such great number is connected with Sii’s approach to employees’ professional development. We do not have strictly defined career paths and employees’ development depends on their competencies. The direction that someone wants to take is determined by that person’s skills or goals and, most importantly, by willingness to move forward and their motivation. A little bit of consistency and tenacity can change one’s career path into an amazing and unique journey.

Starting as an IT Support Specialist…

Szymon Brzozak – Account Executive, Sii Gdańsk

Katarzyna Domańska, CSR Manager: What was your first job position at Sii?

Szymon Brzozak, Account Executive: I started as an IT Support Specialist but owing to my skills and previous experience, I quickly became an IT Department Manager in Sii Gdańsk. For three and a half years, I combined my responsibilities with the role of a Branch Security Manager – being a Global Security Manager for a little while. At the moment, I work for the Sales department.

K.D.: What is your current job position and how did you get it?

Sz.B.: I was often invited to meetings with clients as support due to my expertise as a Branch Security Manager. I was able to get first-hand experience with the sales process which I found very compelling, and decided that I would love to do it more often, on the daily basis. I talked with my superiors about my plans but they said that I was not ready yet. I guess I was not able to convince them that this was the direction that I really wanted to take. After some time, I was given another chance to try my hand at this area. The recruitment meeting went well, and I joined the Sales team at Sii. I worked as a Business Manager for a year and a half and then, became an Account Executive.

K.D.: What do you like best about your job?

Sz.B.: Sky is the limit and you are only held down by your own imagination when you work in sales. It is completely up to you how and with whom you want to do business. I really enjoy being able to create and develop such relations.

K.D.: It sounds like a very creative task. What key competencies and personal traits people that want to develop in this direction should have?

Sz.B.: First of all, experience in IT proves to be very useful as it lets you understand your client better. People that I talk to feel like I know something and worked in various technologies before rather than read about them online, which makes me more credible. Being able to build positive relationships is also key. It might sound corny but I know for a fact that people prefer working with someone they simply like, so the ability to establish relationships is crucial.

Krzysztof Bogaj – Business Analyst, Sii HQ

Katarzyna Domańska, CSR Manager: How did your journey with Sii start?

Krzysztof Bogaj, Business Analyst: I joined Sii as an IT Support Specialist and worked on that position for two years.

K.D.: And what do you do now?

K.B.: I am a Business Analyst at Sii’s headquarters. I carry out analysis for several internal projects for e.g. Retention and HR Support or Legal departments. My work covers various interesting areas in the company such as Objectives Automation which is all about automating assigning objectives to employees during their evaluation meetings and on the daily basis.

K.D.: Tell me a little bit about your career.

K.B.: I was really into analytical work. While working in the Field Support department, I sort of dabbled a little bit in it as we were constantly trying to improve our internal processes (e.g. equipment configuration, giving out laptops etc.). I enjoyed it and, not to toot my own horn, was good at it. When I saw an internal job offer for a Junior Business Analyst, I did not think twice, submitted my CV, went to a recruitment interview and got the job. I learnt that we have to seize the opportunity when it comes.

K.D.: It’s difficult not to agree. What made you choose that direction?

K.B.: I really enjoy coming up with new solutions and improving the existing ones. What’s more, it feels great being able to have a direct influence on Sii’s employees’ everyday life. We improve applications used by everyone in the company which motivates me to work hard.

K.D.: Can you tell me about key traits that a good Business Analyst should have?

K.B.: Being able to think logically, having good communication skills and courage.

More about Sii Power People’s career paths coming soon.

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