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Project as efficient as a production line

During this year’s Managerial Weekend, the award in the Best Project category was granted to Błażej Dziąg, the Service Delivery Manager working for ThyssenKrupp.

He joined Sii as a Team Leader. Initially, he dealt mainly with technology, but it quickly turned out that he is also a great organiser. As Service Delivery Manager Błażej recently completed a difficult project for ThyssenKrupp, which has resulted in a complete solution allowing to control the operation of the engine and gearbox assembly line.

The biggest challenge was a tight schedule. In a very short time we had to provide the client with the finished product, while maintaining high quality standards. We managed to meet expectations, among other things, thanks to a realistic assessment of the potential project risks, good work organisation and the perseverance of all members of the team” – says Błażej Dziąg.

The project was completed on time and within budget. Our clients from the automotive industry know exactly what products they want to build and how to do it. Our task is to provide the final solution fully compliant with their expectations. No other scenario is an option” – he says.

The project was divided into stages. At the beginning, the electrical system was designed, then control architecture, which in turn became the basis for the IT system. Acceptance of the whole solution was preceded by tests and the introduction of necessary changes and improvements. The last phase of the project was putting the line into service and organising the support process. Under the agreement, within the framework of author’s supervision, delegated people work on site and eliminate errors on an ongoing basis.

Błażej’s team has approx. 40 people and is involved in more than twenty projects related to the automation of production in the automotive industry. In this framework Sii engineers program and integrate systems and technologies from various manufacturers, including Siemens Simatic S7-300/S7-1200, WinCC Flexible, Sick, Leuze, SEW MOTIMOT/MOVIFIT/MOVIEDRIVE, ProfiNet, Cognex, SINAMICS as well as electronic tagging systems (RFID).


 “High variability makes that everyone always learns something new. Most of the engineers are highly valued. I hope that the experience gained in the project for ThyssenKrupp will improve the team’s confidence in their own abilities, and that the next clients will see our industrial and technical skills” – sums up Błażej.

We hope that the lessons of the project for ThyssenKrupp will be widely used in other areas. Customer satisfaction, and consequently, the need for continuous improvement are the values which guide all of us.

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