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Remote work – a necessity or an opportunity for the organization?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many organizations to change the nature of work from office to remote. In Sii Poland, thanks to proven tools and good practices in the field of team management and communication, almost 4500 employees could easily switch to work from home overnight. Responding to the needs of our clients, experts from Sii Poland Training Practice have developed workshops during which they share the best practices in this area.

Challenges related to change

The challenge that organizations that have not worked remotely up to now are facing is time. The transition to a new mode of work must be carried out quickly, and introducing changes without proper preparation can have negative consequences for the operation of the entire organization and the experience of the employees.

Knowledge about how to prepare for remote work is crucial in the process of change. Thanks to good preparation, the whole company can realize that working in this mode works well and brings good results.

Remote work and competitiveness

Leaders and managers must be aware that as remote work becomes more and more common, companies that cannot provide such work opportunities become less competitive. Over time, such organizations may have a problem keeping their employees engaged – the Gallup Institute research shows that those who spend three to four days a week working remotely are most involved.

Organizations must, therefore, adapt their infrastructure to remote work opportunities and prepare employees for it as soon as possible.

New training in Sii Poland’s offer

To help their clients carry out this change, Sii Poland Training Practice experts have developed a new training program. During the training “Remote work – organization and communication”, Sii trainers help prepare employees for remote work.

The training touches on the following aspects:

  • preparing space that allows you to work focused,
  • management of distracting factors,
  • communication with a remote team.

And many more.

During the training, participants will be able to learn how to work effectively and manage their time, as well as how to care for a healthy lifestyle.

A separate module has been prepared for persons conducting and organizing meetings, which contains guidelines regarding the organization, communication channels and the role of the person conducting the meeting. Our experts will tell you how to make meetings effective, engage all participants and end them with real conclusions and summaries.

To learn more about the training, visit our website.

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