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Reskilling and upskilling – Sii Poland will transform your team to meet your business needs

The dynamically changing labor market is a challenge for both employers and employees. The former struggle with the lack of qualified specialists, for the second the challenge is to acquire new skills necessary for work. Sii Poland experts prove that the solution to this problem can be a good talent management strategy based on reskilling and upskilling. Thanks to it, organizations can easily prevent staff shortages, and their employees develop and acquire competences of the future.

Research shows that by 2030, as many as 375 million people will need to gain new competencies to find employment (source: The McKinsey Global Institute: Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: workforce transitions in a time of automation). We have been observing this situation for several years – qualifications and skills, which were crucial just a few years ago, have changed significantly today.

Technology plays a big role here. On the one hand, robots replace people in certain tasks, on the other, technological progress requires an increasing number of IT specialists, and the new market environment – positions that combine completely new competences.

This is one of the most important challenges facing the modern labor market, because in 2020 Europe will lack about 900,000 IT specialists. (source: Andrus Ansip, Digital skills, jobs and the need to get more Europeans online, European Commission)

Reskilling and upskilling in the modern labor market

How to face the lack of suitably qualified employees? A well-developed talent management strategy based on reskilling and upskilling can be the answer. Reskilling means changing skills and scope of competence. In practice, it involves preparing the employee, the whole team or the organization area to perform new functions. Upskilling means raising qualifications, continuous improvement and learning.

For employers, this approach is a solution to the issue of staff shortages or retention. For employees, a chance to gain new qualifications that will help them find a better place on the labor market.

– Implementation of the reskilling strategy provides a number of benefits to the company and positively affects the level of employee satisfaction. We give them additional development opportunities, we show that we want to invest in them and we care about long-term cooperation – says Agnieszka Rutkowska-Chmielewska, Business Development Manager at Sii Poland.

The implementation of the reskilling program allows to significantly reduce costs of recruiting employees and onboarding, because people employed in new positions already know the specifics of the organization and the business context of new responsibilities. Thanks to the good planning, it is possible to ensure continuity in the implementation of business tasks and fill competence gaps.

Reskilling in practice

An example of the reskilling project recently carried out by Sii Polska Experts is the Effective Tester Academy for the Aviva insurance company.

– Over 20 robots are already doing boring work in Aviva, we are looking for specialists who will do the interesting one. So we launched a digital academy to help our employees acquire new, future-oriented competences. We started with the Coding Academy and then decided that we need testers in our company – says Monika Kulińska, People Director at Aviva.

The main goal of the program was retraining and changing the professional path of employees in accordance with the preferences and needs of the organization. During the 3-month weekend course, professionals so far associated with business gradually built up new skills and gained practical experience in tasks in the field of software testing. After the workshop, each of the participants successfully passed the internal test prepared by Sii Poland, and also obtained the internationally recognized ISTQB certificate.

If you want to learn more about the project implemented for Aviva, watch our video.

Check out our training offer for business on Sii Poland Training Practice website.

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