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Sii will be the golden sponsor of DataMass

The Sii Poland company will have the pleasure to be the gold sponsor of this year’s edition of the DataMass conference, held in Gdańsk on the 29th and 30th of September.

DataMass is a technical conference dedicated to the exchange of experiences in the area of Big Data and data analytics. The main idea behind the event, is promoting knowledge and sharing the best practices in the design and implementation of tools for terabyte-level dataset analysis. The other – equally relevant aim, is to prompt synergy between business, traditionally focused on delivering enterprise-level data solutions and the experience and knowledge of the academic sector.

The event is addressed to those working with Big Data on a daily basis – both the managers implementing solutions in their companies, and engineers developing and maintaining them.

During two days of DataMass, a series of lectures and workshops will be held by leading specialists in Business Intelligence in Poland. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed during the presentations:

  • Machine Learning for Big Data in SQL Server – Łukasz Grala (Data Scientist as a Service)
  • Hadoop and its alternatives: deploying Lambda architecture on top of Microsoft Azure platform – Michał Żyliński (Microsoft)
  • Machine Learning – the basics for building a product – Claudio Villar (AirHelp)
  • Druid – Scalable OLAP – Tomasz Szczechura (Grupa Wirtualna Polska)
  • Managing large (and small) R based solutions with R Suite – Wit Jakuczun (WLOG Solutions)
  • Designing for business: Customer-centric self-service BI – Michał Adamski (DNVGL)


Thanks to the increasing accessibility of BI solutions, more and more companies as a standard, use these tools for advanced data analysis in their daily work. The Sii company – specialized in BI and offering services in the area of analysis, data mining, reporting systems and data cleaning, has decided to join the DataMass conference as its golden partner. The mail goal here is supporting an event promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences in this dynamically developing domain.

You can find more information on DataMass, the speakers and the detailed schedule on the site of the conference. We invite you to register. The participation in the event is ticketed.


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