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Sii as the new partner of the IT faculty at the WSB Banking College in Chorzow

Sii, one of the top IT and engineering companies in Poland, is present with its branches in 8 polish cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz and last, but not least – Katowice. With the beginning of October the company took sponsorship of the IT graduate studies at the Banking College in Chorzow.

The main aim of the agreement is to bring the scientific and educational environment closer to the professional world of business. Thanks to this collaboration students and graduates of the Banking College in Chorzow will get the opportunity to have their professional internships at Sii, with the prospect of subsequent employment at the company. The university`s Career Office will also support the company by organizing business meetings at the university. By taking up this huge responsibility and starting the cooperation with WSB, Sii intends to get to know the potential candidates and recognize their biggest needs as future employees.

At the same time Sii joined the WSB Business Council. The aim of this cooperation is to adjust the educational offer to the needs of the labour market. As a member of the Council, Sii’s representatives will get the opportunity to participate in consultations about the development and shape of the existing, but also the future study programs and specializations at the College. In the further perspective, it is also important both, for the Council and the company, to start introducing classes based on problematic case studies, in order to bring the world of business and of IT students closer together.

„Nowadays it is important for the business world, that the college graduate gets the best possible education – not only theoretical, but also practical. Today’s universities should put more pressure on essential, practical skills, which will be highly appreciated by the future employer. What is more, skills like: project management, team building and cooperation or even the ability of multitasking are crucial, not only when it comes to the business world but also in everyday life. It is worth remembering that business reality may be harsh. Not delivering a final project on time, won’t mean failing your class, it will mean specific, measurable business loss” – says Krzysztof Danilewicz, Head of the Sii branch in Katowice.

Sii hopes, that the cooperation with the academic environment, will support the development of Sii’s newest branch. In the nearest future Sii Katowice is planning to employ at least 100 new employees!

About WSB – The Banking College in Chorzów

The Banking College which is located in Chorzow is Poznan’s long-distance faculty of the WSB University. For the past 18 years it enabled thousands of students to get the needed education at such faculties, as: Engineering, Economic & Legal Studies and Social Studies. In the ranking of the “Wprost” weekly, the division of The Banking College in Chorzów, was ranked the 3rd most valued by employers, among all non-public universities in Poland (no. 13/2015).

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