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Sii Becomes Xamarin’s Official Partner

Sii’s Digital Competency Center has become the official partner of Xamarin and thus confirmed its expertise in what is one of the fastest developing technologies for creating cross-platform mobile applications.

Xamarin allows to create mobile applications for popular platforms such as Android, iOS or WindowsPhone, using just one programming language – while maintaining the look and feel of native applications, without cutting back on efficiency. So, there is no need of programming the same application separately for 3 or 4 different technologies any more. This significantly shortens the time necessary to launch the application on the market, and facilitates its further development and maintenance. Integration is also made easier as it must be performed for one system only.

All this translates into lower implementation costs, and allows to reap benefits from the functioning solution faster. In the prestigious Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ), Xamarin was ranked at the top of the Visionaries’ category, among mobile application development platforms. Big international brands such as Kellog’s, Subaru, Jaguar, AXA, Sage or EasyJet are already taking advantage of Xamarin.

“Xamarin technology allows to save time and money, while maintaining what is the most important to every client – the high quality of the product. This is why it keeps gaining more and more popularity, also in Poland”. – says Przemysław Saniak, Sales Manager of the Sii Digital Competency Center, specialized in mobile technology implementations for local and international clients – “We have the biggest Xamarin team in Poland, which, due to the growing popularity of this technology, must be constantly expanded. For us it is a confirmation of our clients’ satisfaction with our team’s work, as well as of the growing role of Xamarin technology on the mobile app market”. – he adds.

One of the realizations of the Digital Competency Center performed in Xamarin technology, is a fair splitting application, created entirely by Sii engineers for a Finnish company “Scrooge”, for Android, iOS and WindowsPhone.

Feel free to read more about other realizations and the full offer of Sii’s Digital Competency Center.

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