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    Sii, awarded in the AudIT Competition for the Fourth Time

    Each victory raises the bar in the next edition of a competition. This year Sii rose to the challenge and for the fourth time in a row was awarded in the AudIT competition, gaining the title of Best IT Workplace. It is awarded based on the results of an anonymous survey of employees. The survey examines their level of satisfaction, engagement and motivators. More than half of the employees of Sii are enthusiasts.  It means that they strongly identify themselves with the company, believe in it, and their actions motivate and inspire others.

    The survey shows that employees appreciate effective teamwork, openness, honesty and their superiors’ support in case of occurring problems and questions. The company is perceived as a good employer, recognized on the labor market. Job security and the possibility to maintain a work – life balance are counted as strengths.

    We hold the proud AudIT title in Poland incessantly since 2012. To us the satisfaction of our employees is invariably an important part of a long-term strategy. This year our results were better than in previous editions of the competition. People at Sii are really the most important, so we are pleased that our employees are satisfied with their work in the company – says Joanna Kucharska, Head of Communications and HR at Sii.

    This year the level of the TRI * M index for our company is 91. This is a very good result and indicates a high level of satisfaction and loyalty of employees – explains Joanna Kucharska. However, we see areas that can be strengthened. It is important to monitor the situation in the company and quickly make improvements. We will do our best to maintain the highest standards and continue developing.

    Sii is the leader of IT and engineering in Poland. Stability of employment, interesting projects and the best work atmosphere, are the reasons which already made over 2,300 specialists join the company. However, thanks to the dynamic growth, there is still many job offers for candidates.

    Another title of Best IT Workplace is for us a nice reward for a whole year of work, but also another challenge. Because we want to develop, we are in need of skilled workers. We can assure them that we will do what we can to keep Sii the best place to work. I encourage you to join our team and check it out for yourselves! – adds Joanna Kucharska.

    This year Sii was among the winners along with Britenet and Capgemini Poland.

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