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Sii employees have run 16 000 kilometers and raised PLN 43 000 for charity in the #SiiRuns40WM project

On September 30th in Warsaw the 40th PZU Warsaw Marathon was held, during which Sii running enthusiasts have used the endurance built during 3 months of intensive trainings to cover the distance of over 42 km. It was the great final of the #Biegamdobrze project. The team of IT and engineering services leader proved once again that common values such as ambition, courage, passion and engagement are the outstanding driving factor of all actions and overcoming our own limits.

The #SiiRuns40WM project was a part of the Sii Passions Sponsorship Program. 40 employees from all over Poland – enthusiasts of not only running, but also overcoming their own boundaries, took part in a three-month program of intense trainings and covered the distance of over 42 km at the 40th PZU Warsaw Marathon. 9 women and 31 men have been training under the supervision of Bartek Olszewski and Katarzyna Gorlo, and together they have run over 16 thousand kilometers!

It was not only a sports challenge – it also had a charitable dimension. Since July the entire group has been taking part in the #BiegamDobrze initiative. Together with the entire Sii community, along with their families and friends, the 40 daredevils have been raising money for Rak’n’Roll Foundation. The goal of PLN 40 000 has been achieved. The marathon runners from Sii raised PLN 43 068,30. Maciej Topczewski, Sii Łódź Director, at the day of funds collection leaders’ decoration (September 29th) was at the first place among 770 funds collectors with the score of PLN 14 215.

– As a group we wanted to gather PLN 40 000 – says Maciej Topczewski, the man behind the idea and a participant of the project. – It was a great challenge and an outstanding adventure. We focused on non-standard forms of promoting it. For example I declared that if I raise PLN 8 000, I will shave my head in order to draw attention to the Foundation’s activities and its ‘Daj włos!’ project. It will probably take at least a few months to go back to my previous hairstyle, but it was worth it! – explains Sii Łódź Director.

On September 30th 39 runners appeared at the start (2 eliminated by injuries, one extra as replacement). 65% of the team ran the marathon distance for the first time. 38 runners crossed the finishing line within the time limit. Almost all of the non-debutants beat their personal best. The fastest women was Martyna Dworczyńska (3:35:22), Account Resource Manager from Sii Warszawa, which placed her on the 84th position among women. The best male time was 2:52:19 by Seweryn Socha, Database Administrator from Sii Poznan, who came 89th in the male category. For all the participant it was great fun and source of satisfaction.

– Congratulations to all people engaged in the #SiiRuns40WM project – says Maciej Topczewski. – First of our team and the trainers, for the great support and motivation to take this challenge. During the trainings we all had moments of doubt, everyone has ran 200 – 700 kilometers (the leader did over 800!). Moreover I have to mention all the people who have supported the funds collection: both in Sii and outside the company. Without them we could not have reached our ambitious goal! The project was really a great adventure and taking all opinions into consideration I am sure it is not our last word – sums up Maciek.

The new enrolment for the next edition of the Sii Passion Sponsorship Program has started. The applications can be submitted until October 31st. After the success of the #SiiRuns40WM and inquiries from employees, there is a chance for many new running and other interesting initiatives.

#SiiRuns40WM #PowerPeople #PassionDrivesPowerPeople #BiegamDobrze #FundacjaRak’n’Roll

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