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Sii Gaming Night – over 300 participants from all over Poland, 19 rounds and over 30 hours of fun

Over 300 participants from all over Poland, 19 tournament games and over 30 hours of team play – these are the statistics of Sii Gaming Night, the first virtual gaming event at Sii Poland. What happened during the tournament attended by over 300 employees from 14 company branches?

Since the very beginnings of the company, Sii Poland has focused on the satisfaction of its employees. Not only through diverse and exciting projects and career paths. Every year, the company also organizes integration trips, carnival balls, family picnics that combine fun with integration and the development of Sii Power People’s passion. Apart from integration events, Sii has numerous Sii Communities teams for groups of employees who share common passion – for example, a technological or sports one. So where did the idea for Sii Gaming Night come from?

Virtual event for gamers

When planning integration events, we make sure that all Sii employees can find something that will be interesting for them and allow them to develop their interests and passions. In more than half of the Sii Poland branches there are groups of boardgames fans, and we have received information from various sources that among our colleagues there are many active gamers who would gladly take part in a gaming event. We decided to take up the challenge and organize such an event – says Milena Szymkowiak, Event and HR Support Specialist at Sii Poland.

Originally Sii Gaming Night was supposed to take place physically in 10 Sii locations at the same time, however, the new reality connected with COVID-19 verified the organizers’ plans. Within a few days, the formula of the event was transformed from the planned meetings in Sii offices into a virtual event, with the finals broadcast live from the SGN Studio for the audience Sii employees, connecting from the comfort of their own homes.

CS tournament and SGN Studio

The idea of the event was simple we organize a night of games, involving not only the players themselves, but also other computer games’ enthusiasts, encouraging them to participate in the event through active cheering. The central element of Sii Gaming Night was the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team tournament, a multi-player first-person shooter video game. The tournament was preceded by a live broadcasted draw of teams for eliminations, in which 23 teams from all Sii branches took part. The draw as well as the final studio was commentated by a well-known YouTuber, streamer and e-sport commentator, Mateusz „Hax” Ogonowski.

The enthusiasts of the event could follow 19 tournament matches broadcasted live, and on the day of the finals join free-to-play zone outside of the tournament. At free-to-play the choice of games was wider apart from Counter Strike, you could play games such as Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 or Quake III. Each registered participant, and there were over 300 of them, received a Power Pack a set of gadgets making the games and cheering more enjoyable. Apart from matches for the 1st and 3rd place, there were other attractions that awaited the viewers of the SGN Studio: the analysis of the tournament games and their most interesting moments, interviews with the teams and competitions with prizes.

E-sport, real emotions

With each match, the interest in the event grew. On the day of the finals, the audience consisted of over 1500 employees, and the level of involvement manifested in comments on YouTube live broadcast confirmed the interactive character of the SGN Studio. The chat room was filled with questions from the audience to the members of the winning teams about the game itself, the technique, the experience measured by the number of hours spent on the game, and there even was a proposal addressed to one of the game leaders. The participants of the tournament admit that emotions were running high.

–  You win some, you lose some. The whole tournament was played for fun. Second place is also good! – says Marcin Gancarz, Test & Analysis Engineer, “Ain’t gonna pay to win” team captain, which took 2nd place. – The winning team put a lot more effort, even if we were to get all the luck, we wouldn’t have a chance with them anyway. We are a round-up team, we have been playing together since the moment we met at work in Sii, 4 years ago. The remote acquaintance turned into a real-world one, we went together to Intel Extreme Masters tournaments and played with each other once in a while – he adds. 

– It’s nice to win such a tournament ?. Especially since this is the first Sii tournament. Our team integrated quickly; it is possible that we will continue to play together – says Bartłomiej Redo, IT Support Specialist at Sii Poland, captain of the winning “e-Thunderbolt” team.

The members of the winning team won cash prizes worth a total of 2 500 PLN. Active viewers commenting on the final match and sharing their photos had the opportunity to receive Razer headphones and gaming mice. Choosing the winners was not an easy task.

Sii Gaming Night is the first virtual national integration event in the company, bringing together fans of computer games, who at Sii are quite a group. Several people from 4 departments of the company took part in its organization. It is thanks to the ideas of our employees that we can implement such initiatives as Sii Gaming Night, draw satisfaction from them and have fun both during the organization and participation in the event.

SGN is a great form of integration of Sii employees achieved thanks to the hard work of many people. I hope we will meet again soon for the grand finale in the next edition! We will practice more and then throw down the gauntlet to this year’s winners! – adds Marcin Gancarz.

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